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Go to the nearest parts store tell them make model and year and engine size and they can tell you. Parts store such as napa, carquest, autozone. 5w30, unless it is the 3.8L v-6 then its 10w30

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โˆ™ 2006-10-23 06:12:23
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Q: What kind of oil does a 1997 Chevy lumina need?
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Brake light diagram for 1997 Chevy Lumina?

Purchase the Haynes Manual for the Lumina it has all diagrams you may need.

Diagram for ignition switch 95 lumina?

I need a Diagram for a 1995 Chevy Lumina iginition switch??

Need vacuum diagram for 1993 Chevy Lumina?


How do you change an alternator in a 1992 Chevy Lumina?

there is no alternator on the 1992 Lumina its all electric, so there is no need for one.

Vacuum diagram Chevy lumina 95 3.4?

I need a diagram for vacuum system for a 1995 chev lumina 3.1

How much does it cost to fix an air conditioner in a 1997 Chevy lumina?

Near 500 600 bucks. Could jus need recharge in that case not near as much.

What kind of spark plugs do i you need for 1997 Chevy caviler Z24?

a/c delco is the best

How do you replace timing chain on a 3.1 Chevy Lumina engina?

To replace timing chain on a 3.1 Chevy Lumina engine, you need to first make sure that your motor or engine is turned off. Then you need to remove the chain and replace it.

What kind of brake pads does a 1991 Chevy lumina use?

all disc breaks all the way around. just go to and put in your make and model. it will show you the kind you need.

Where is the turn signal switch located in a 1991 Chevy Lumina?

The turn signal switch location on a 1991 Chevy Lumina is behind the steering column. You will need to use a socket set to get to the switch.

Why is Chevy Lumina low coolant light flashing?

coolant sensor replacement need it

How do you change the thermostat on a 2000 Chevy Lumina?

do i need to change the manifold when replacing thermostat

Where is the fuel pump located on 1997 Chevy Lumina?

The fuel pump is located in the fuel tank (gas tank). Usually you need to pull the fuel tank out to replace the fuel pump

What are the torque specs for rocker arms on 97 Chevy lumina 3.1 liter 3100 sfi v6?

i need to know what the torque specs are on the rocker arms for a 97 Chevy lumina, 3.1L v6

How do you install engine 96 Chevy Lumina?

You take the old one out and put the new one in. Sorry, I think you'll need to buy a motor manual for that kind of information.

What Adapter do you need to charge the AC unit on a 1998 Chevy Lumina?

Fittings for 134 freon

How long it takes to put in gaskets on a Chevy Lumina 96?

What gaskets. Need more info.

How do you remove the ignition switch on your 98' Chevy lumina ltz car?

You will need to remove the retaining ring at the top of your 1998 Chevy Lumina ignition switch. Slide the ignition switch out. Remove the wiring harness.

How do you change head gasket on Chevy Lumina?

You will need to remove the cylinder head from your Chevy Lumina engine. Remove the head gasket and clean the surface. Put the new head gasket on and return the cylinder had to its original position.

What kind of screws fasten the panels under the dash for the 1994 lumina?

The screws that fasten the panels under the dash of a 1994 Chevy Lumina are Phillips screws. After you remove the screws, you will need to pry the panel off carefully since there are clips that also hold the panel on.

What does a 1993 Chevy lumina coil pack look like?

Need to know if it is, or not,the coupe. Also, what engine.

What size torx bit do you need on a 96 Chevy lumina for the rotter on breaks in the front tire?


How can you tell if you need a head gasket replaced on a 1998 Chevy lumina?

If u have water in your oil pan u need to replce it.

Where is the timing chainbelt on a 93 Chevy lumina 3.1 v6?

The 1993 Chevy Lumina 3.1 liter engine timing belt can be found on the front of the engine. You will need to remove the front engine cover in order to access the timing belt.

What kind of oil filter do you need for your 1997 Chevy Malibu?

2.4L engine, ACDelco PF46. 3.1L engine, ACDelco PF47.