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That would depend on the age of the pump as many older ones had oil that contained PCBPumps nowadays use dielectric transformer oil, or bio-friendly white oil.

Shell Merlina HS-10 will work fine for a basement pump.

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What is Sump Pump Repair and why do I need it?

You would need a sump pump repair if the sump pump in your basement is not pumping out water. The purpose of a sump pump is to drain excess water that is part of your waterproofing system.

Best way to drain water from the basement?

The best too for draining a flooded basement is a built-in sump pump. If your basement does not have a sump pump , you can rent a pump from most equipment rental stores. A wet/dry vacuum can also be used to remove water from a flooded basement.

How does a sump pump work and what is it used on?

A sump pump pumps the water that accumulates in the sump pit of your basement out into a place far enough away from your home so that it is no loner problematic. A sump pump is basically a vacumm system that is used to remove water or fluids from a collection location. Commonly found in the basement of a home it is used to remove water that may find its way into your basement.

Sump Pump Installation?

form_title=Sump Pump Installation form_header=11503 What is it you need a sump pump for?*= () Water leaks through walls () Basement floods during storms () Basement floods due to rising water table () In case pipe bursts or basement drain is clogged () Other () Don't Know Does the new pump location have electricity close-by?*= () Yes () No () Don't Know

Does a dehumidifier or sump pump help the most to insure a waterproof basement?

You can have a dehumidifier AND a sump pump, and still have water in the basement. A dehumidifier helps decrease the humidity due to the lack of ventilation in a basement. A sump pump facilitates drainage of water, as a basement has no natural drainage. Neither prevents water from coming into the basement through the walls or the seams of the floor and walls. If you have problems with water coming into the basement, consult a professional who can advise you of the cause and explain the options to remedy the matter. Neither a dehumidifier nor a sump pump will totally insure a waterproof basement. Dehumidifiers simply remove dampness. Sump pumps do not remove damnpness but will drain off water.

what is a sump pump?

A sump pump is a pump used to remove water that has accumulated in a sump pit. A sump pit, commonly found in the home basement, is simply a hole to collect water. The water may enter via the perimeter drains of a basement waterproofing system, funneling into the pit, or may arrive because of rain or because of natural ground water, if the basement is below the water table level.

How can I get water out of my wet basement?

Sump pumps work wonders. They can easily pump out the water out of the basement.

How effective is a sump pump?

Very! They are well worth the investment especially when your basement floods!

How do you drain a very flooded basement?

In the case of an extremely flooded basement, the most common solution is the installation of a sump pump. Because sump pumps are critical to preventing water damage to your home, most people opt to have a professional perform the installation. However, if you are handy, you can perform a sump pump installation by yourself.

What are some suggestions on what to use to waterproof my basement?

When waterproofing your basement you could use a basement dehumidifier, a Sump Pump, or a window well drain. All of these will help with your goal of waterproofing you basement.

Sump Pump Installation Tip?

A sump pump is a device installed in a basement to pump water out when rain or a broken water pipe causes flooding. The pump is installed in a hole in the basement floor. The best tip for installation is careful planning of the pump and the drain pipe. Use the correct liner for the sump hole, and use the correct size PVC pipe for the drain. Carefully map the drain path so water is carried out of the basement using minimum power. Once outside the basement, water should drain away from the house. Dry fit all the pipes before cementing.

Can you run your basement shower drain to your sump which then pumps to your septic system Do you have to plumb the drain to your grinder pump?

The sump should work as long as you have a strainer in the shower

With a submersible sump pump do you submerse the entire pump?

Yes the whole pump is designed to be under water but plugging it in at least 3' above the top of pump basin, also every pump will tell you in their specs how deep of water it can be in.

How To Know When A Sump Pump Will Help Dry Out Your Basement?

In homes across the country a damp basement is a fact of life many people live with. However, flowing water in any setting is problem that generally needs to be addressed at some point in time. While it is typical for basements and foundations to take on water during heavy rainfalls, a sump pump can prevent the water from entering through walls or even through the floor. The sump is generally a small pit that is deeper than the basement floor and operates on the premise that water seeks the lowest level. Once the sump fills up, a sump pump is used to transfer the rainwater from the basement to another area outside the confines of the house. Since the water being disposed of is usually storm run off, it can be pumped into yards or other areas without fear of contamination. However, local building codes should be consulted for any distance or draining regulations. A sump pump is rated by horsepower. Of course, a higher horsepower dictates a more powerful pump. Home owners need to make an observation on the flow of water into the sump during the heaviest flow times. The pump should be able to clear the sump before the water overflows in the basement area. Many sump pumps are submersible and are placed directly in the tiny pool of water. They are also equipped with a float switch. This float switch turns the pump on when it rises to a certain point, and turns the pump off when it falls to an acceptable level. In storms or rain seasons it is not uncommon for a pump to run on a consistent basis. Generally a damp basement can be solved by utilizing a sump pump and a dehumidifier together to regulate the climate. A sump pump is an extremely valuable tool to have in a house. Home owners need to be aware of the pump at all times though it will likely function for years without any attention or maintenance at all. Keeping a keen ear on the pump or checking it periodically will prevent the unit from failing when it is needed. Obviously, if the pump fails during a period when water is overflowing the sump, a major clean up will likely follow.

Where do you install a sump pump?

In a basement usually to remove ground water that seeps in around foundation walls and floor.

Is it a good idea to install a sump pump if my basement flooded in the past?

The sump pump would be helpful but it would really be best to locate the problem or source and deal with it. If its flooding from rainwater, you may be able to redirect gutters and drainage to stop it.

Where submersible motors used?

Primarily in submersible well pumps. There are also applications in fountains, indoor recirculating waterfalls and sump pumps.

Where can one find information on battery backup sump pumps?

One can find information on battery backup sump pumps from the following sources: Drainage Systems Online, Sump Pump Specialist, Home Depot, Basement Watchdog, Popular Mechanics.

How do you add a drain in a basement that does not have one?

its not easy but if you can locate your main drain pipe and its below your basement floor then saw cut up the floor and attach the floor drain to the trap and then tie on to the main line using the same pipe or adapters. If you have no main drain under your basement floor then you will need to saw cut a hole for a sump pump pit or basin and install the sump pump to your main drain line which has to be installed so your sump pump line runs higher then your main line before wyeing to the main line. then cut up the floor to where u want your floor drain and run the drain to your sump pump basin . Some states want a vent on your floor drain and on your sump basin so I would check what your local codes are.

What are some of the most popular basement waterprofing products?

Some of the most popular basement waterproofing products are: the sump pump, drainage system, and floor sealers. They are highly effective and easy to apply.

Sump Pump Reviews?

form_title= Sump Pump Reviews form_header= Find the best Sump Pump for your home. Is this for a residential or commercial property?*= () Residential () Commercial What is your budget for sump pump?*= _ [50] Do you currently have water damage?*= () Yes () No

When my sump pump stopped working why did the water pour out of the upstairs toilet and not the basement toiet?

because the upstairs toilet drain was clogged up.

How can you install a sump pump yourself?

Your sump pump should have come with an installation guide or CD. If not, contact the manufacturer. Every sump pump is installed differently so you want to make sure you know how to install the sump pump you purchased.

Why is there 2 foot X 2 foot whole and 1 foot deep hole in my basement floor with a sump pump in a basement?

In rainy weather, the water table rises and ground water can sometimes "perc" up thru the ground and into your basement.It would pump the water out before it gets high enough to cause damage in your basement.

How do you get water out of basement with out a sub pump?

Depending on your city or county you can install an above floor basement waterproofing system and drain the water to a drain instead of a sump pump. has an above floor basement waterproofing system that you can install yourself for around $4 per foot. I hope this helps, if not please elaborate