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Answer Irish soda breadIrish soda bread was originally cooked on a griddle. It was formed into farls, a sort of flat bread. The griddle, a large heavy flat plate was hung over an open peat fire. Later a heavy frying pan was used, for both soda farls and potato farls. This can still be seen demonstrated today at the Ulster Folk Park, Cultra, County Down Northern Ireland, and the Ulster American Folk Park Northern Ireland.

They did use a three legged cooking pot, like a dutch oven, but mainly for Irish stew, both this and the griddle were suspended over the fire on a crane, which enabled them to be swung back away from the fire.

sorry that's wrong but im Irish a litttle you put bread and add soda to it how hard could that be

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Q: What kind of oven was originally used in baking Irish soda bread and where is that oven still used in Ireland?
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What date was Irish soda bread made?

baking soda was introduced to Ireland in 1840, which was when they started to make Irish soda bread.

Why is Irish soda bread called Irish soda bread?

because it comes from Ireland.

What is the difference between bread soda and baking soda?

There isn't one. Bread Soda is the Irish name for baking soda.

Can you use baking soda to make bread rise?

Baking soda can only be used in certain types of bread. Quick breads such a banana bread or zucchini bread use baking soda or baking powder as leavening. Irish Soda Bread also is leavened with baking soda instead of yeast.

What are the three traditional or popular food in Ireland?

the three popular foods in Ireland is Irish stew, Irish soda bread,

What is Irish soda bread?

It is a type of bread which uses Baking Soda instead of yeast as a raising agent.

Is it 1 teaspoon or 1 tablespoon of baking soda for a loaf of bread?

Baking soda is not normally used to make bread; yeast or a sourdough/poolish are the leaveners. Quick bread (such as Irish soda bread) would generally require 1teaspoon baking soda.

What is the history of Irish soda bread?

Irish soda bread was first exposed to Ireland in the mid 19th century, sometime around the 1840's.

How did Irish soda bread get its name?

Baking soda is used to make the bread raise instead of the usual yeast.

The Irish make soda bread by replacing what ingredient with baking soda?


What are the popular foods of Ireland?

Salmon and potatoes. Irish Soda bread.

Is banana bread an Irish recipe?

Not historically. Bananas don't grow in Ireland.

What is the History of Irish Soada Bread?

Irish Soda Bread was originally made because it required few ingredients. This meant it did not cost much to make, and the poor were able to eat.

What are major products made in Ireland?

shamrocks, irish soda bread, scones, beer and luck

What is the most popular food in Ireland?

It is eter Corn Beef and Cabage or Irish Soda Bread.

What is bagel in Irish?

A Scotish bagel is a form of great wealth in the Irish society. It shows that you have money to waist. However, in Ireland it is called the bread stick.

How does bread get to Ireland?

Bread is made in Ireland.

What are five foods from Ireland?

Potatoes, Guiness, Kerry gold butter, Irish soda bread and crumpets.

How do you make yeast free bread?

You make Irish Soda Bread, Baking Powder Bread or unleavened bread - plenty of recipes available on the internet. Also look for beer bread. Beer is used as the rising agent.

What food is Ireland known for?

Some foods that Ireland is known for are Irish stew, Irish soda bread, and corned beef with cabbage. Other foods are scones and apple cakes. A typical beverage is stout beer.

Why is Irish soda bread called soda bread?

because it comes from Ireland.

What kind of food's does Ireland have and eat?

Foods and drinks famously associated with Ireland include Irish Soda Bread, Irish Whiskey, Guinness and potatoes. However, foods consumed in Ireland are similar to foods consumed throughout the western world and include bread, beef, mutton and lamb, chicken, onions, carrots, celery, and many other widely known foods. Foods of other cultures are also eaten in Ireland by people who are from other countries, but also by many Irish people.

Where can one learn to do bread baking?

One can learn to do bread baking online. Some of the useful websites about bread baking are Cooking Light, Sustain Web, Virtuous Bread, Instructables and Epicurious.

How are chemical reactions involved in baking bread?

How are chemical reactions involved in baking bread

What are traditional foods in Ireland?

A very famous Irish dish is the Irish stew that consists of meat. Another famous Irish dish is bacon and cabbage, boxty, coddle, soda bread and colcannon!