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What kind of pain does the appendix cause?

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The pain of appendicitis classically is difficult to localize initially, typically centering around the umbilicus. This is accompanied by anorexia, low grade fevers, nausea, and malaise. This generalized pain may last for variable amounts of time, depending on the progression of disease. This generalized pain is caused as the appendix becomes distended. The innervation to the intestines is such that the pain cannot be localized.

Once the appendix becomes inflamed and begins to irritate the peritoneum surrounding it, the pain becomes localized to the right lower quadrant. The pain is worsened by any movement or stretching of the abdominal contents. The hallmark of this is guarding and rebound tenderness. Guarding is an involuntary spasm of the abdominal muscles to prevent movement. Rebound tenderness is increased pain upon release of pressure - this is caused by the "sloshing about" of abdominal contents after pressure is released.

White blood cell count is typically elevated, the urine may have white blood cells in it, as the appendix lies in close approximation to the right ureter and can cause irritation, causing pyuria. Fever is usually higher during this stage. Chills and vomiting may occur.

Computed tomography (CT) with oral and IV contrast may be used to assist with the diagnosis of appendicitis, if it is unclear from history and physical exam. If the symptoms are classic, however, the diagnosis can be made without the need for CT.

The treatment for appendicitis is typically surgical. In specific instances, however, surgeons may elect to treat with intravenous antibiotics and observe for 24-48 hours.

Referred pain can also cause the groin to hurt. I just had appendicitis and had pain around the appendix but more so in the groin area, maily the right portion. I went to my general practitioner who diagnosed me with epididimitis (an infection in a sexual organ). A few days later, a gut-wrenching pain woke me up, and i could not stop shaking. After going to the ER and receiving a CT scan, the doctor informed me that my appendix was on the verge of rupturing, which can be fatal. If your are worried at all about your appendix, get it checked out now.

2010-03-30 20:27:22
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Q: What kind of pain does the appendix cause?
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Can you appendix cause pain in your left side?

Yes. The appendix may cause pain for both the right side and left side.

Can the appendix cause lower back pain?

It can't as the appendix has nothing to do with the spinal cord.

What kind of doctor do you see for pain in the appendix?

Pain in the appendix is an emergency, and requires urgent evaluation by an emergency medicine specialist.

Can Appendix Cause Back And right Leg Pain?


What causes appendix pain?

The appendix is a useless organ, in which most people have removed. Appendix pain is caused by irritation and infection of the appendix, causing it to inflate.

What is the cause of the pain in an appendicitis?

the obstruction of feces inside the appendix organ to promote infection and later on going to ruptured, the exactly location of appendix is cecum.

What can cause right sided back pain in the back?

Might be a Kidney infection or infected appendix.

Cause of lower right abdominal pain?

could be appendix or obstruction or pulled muscle - SEE A DOCTOR

What would cause Sharp abdominal pain in teenage girl?

I had sharp abdominal pain when i was 13 at the beginning of the year and i had to have an appendectomy .. so it might be the appendix

Signs of an appendix problem?

Signs are a fever,pain that will not go away.The pain gets intolerable.Go to the hospital if you think it is your appendix.

Where is pain from a burst appendix?

the appendix is located in the lower right quardant of the abdomen

Difference between appendix pain and menstrual cramps?

Appendix pain is likely to be fatal if not treated..... menstrual cramps can't kill you.

How do you get rid of the pain of appendicitis?

Have you appendix removed.

Is a pain in your appendix caused by a fever?


Could it just be a sore muscle instead of my appendix?

See a doctor, appendix problems start in the middle of your tummy and move to the right hand side. It can be fatal if it bursts. Muscle pain will subside, appendix pain will not.

Where would pain appear if the appendix was receiving painful stimuli?

Pain in the appendix is felt around the umbilicus (belly button). If the appendix is inflamed (as it is when infected a.k.a. appendicitis) it begins to irritate the abdominal lining around it and the pain will move into the lower right part of the abdomen.

How does a appendix go bad?

The usual cause is the appendix getting infected.

Nursing diagnosis for patient acute appendix?

Acute pain related to inflamation of appendix Altered thermoregulation related to inflamation alteration in comfort related to pain

How do you know if its your appendix or just a tummy ache?

If you have a bad appendix, then the pain will usually be in the very lower right side of the abdomen, although the pain may be near the belly button or even in the lower back. A burst appendix can be a serious matter, so you should see a doctor if the pain persists. If you have a fever as well as the pain, you need to head to the emergency room as your appendix may have burst causing an infection. Usually when you have a tummy bug or tummy ache the pain stays in the middle, but with appendicitis, the pain becomes extremely painful and moves towards the side of your tummy. Very painful tummy aches should immediately be checked out by a physician or better, at the hospital because there may be a chance your appendix is bursting. When it bursts a sort of fluid flows out and it can cause infection. In more severe cases it causes death. Just like Houdini who died of his appendix bursting.

What could cause a sharp pain below your stomach on theright of a male?

A sharp pain in the lower right side of the abdomen usually points to Appendix problems.Get it checked by a Physician ASAP!

How do you know when your appendix is about to burst?

Right lower abdominal pain will usually indicate problems with your appendix. No one is certain when an appendix may burst, but an abdominal CT or ultrasound my show an enlargement or fluid around the appendix. It must be operated on before it bursts as this organ is full of toxic materials that will cause peritonitis and sepsis if it is left untreated.

You have lower back pain on the right side what is the cause?

It could be a pulled muscle, a ruptured appendix, a large turd stuck up your butt.

Sharp pain in right side?

A sharp pain on the right side of your abdomen could be an indicator of a problem with your appendix. If it is a sharp pain you need to go to the emergency room right away before it bursts.

Can appendix pain be mistaken for a kidney stone?

of course.!

Does the appendicitis pain go away and come back or is it consistent?

When the inflammation is limited to appendix, you get colicky pain in umbilical area. When the overlying peritoneum is involved, you get continuous type of pain in right iliac region. The severe pain of peritoneum dominate the colicky pain of appendix.