What kind of pain is associated with eyelift surgery?

Not only can we thank modern medicine for giving us the option of cosmetic surgery, but we can also give thanks for the many advancements in anesthesia. Gone are the days of painful surgeries. Because of the different options in anesthesia, your surgeon can decide what will be best for your procedure. Whether you will be treated using general anesthesia or a local anesthesia, you can rest assured that your eyelift surgery will produce very little pain. In fact, the most you should feel during the surgery is mild discomfort and some slightly irritating tugging and pulling. If you should experience pain during the procedure, you will need to speak up. This is a good indication that your anesthesia is not working. Your surgeon should be able to remedy this and proceed without further problems. An important thing to remember about anesthesia is that it is not only there to ensure your comfort. Anesthesia also keeps your body relaxed, allowing the surgery to proceed smoothly. Pain produces tension, which can alter your vital signs as well as tense your muscles, making your surgery more difficult. So don