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Might try Krylon Fusion aerosol paint. Specially designed for plastic. Have used on a Cherokee plastic grill.

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How do you paint reflection in mirror?

== == Silver mirror paint can be sprayed on the back side of the mirror to give a reflection.

How do you paint a mirror?

you paint it with glass window paint

How do I paint on a mirror?

There are many ways to paint a mirror. For best results you can use a stain glass paint. There are also permanent markers that can be used to draw objects on mirror.

How did Cherokee Indians paint there face?

did the cherkees paint their faces

How do you change a glass into a mirror?

You can try Krylon Looking Glass Mirror-Like paint or silver spray paint.

What kind of paint can you use to paint the fender flares and bumper end caps on a Cherokee Sport?

Go to your local parts tore and ask for a urethane bumper paint system. This may include 1 to 2 cans of paint. One being a prier and one a color can.

Can you still see through a light coat of mirror paint?

Well, If it is called "Mirror Paint" I'm pretty sure that you can put it on there, if normal paint then i would recommend painting the frame instead of the mirror there is Glass Paint which i recommend you use instead.

Did Cherokee paint on walls?


How many quarts of paint does it take to paint a Jeep Cherokee?


What do you paint on the back of a mirror to restore it?


How do you remove two tone paint from Jeep Cherokee?

Sand it down and re-paint.

Is there anyway to remove chalkboard paint from a mirror without damaging the mirror?

If you are removing drips, it is fairly straight forward. Most hardware stores carry a little something called a paint scraper. It is a metal (or plastic) handle with a single edged razor in it. Gently slide the blade (at a flat angle) along the surface of the glass of the mirror and scrape of the drips.If you have completely covered the mirror with chalkboard paint, my suggestion is to buy another mirror. The time, effort, and frustration of removing that much paint is not worth what it will cost for the mirror.

Is paint ball a sport?

Yes it is

How did Rembrandt paint his self portraits?

Using oil paint on canvas, looking at himself in a mirror.

How can you decorate a mirror with paint?

well if the mirror has a frame then you could paint it multicolored it really depends on who's room it is in because you couldn't have a rainbow mirror in an old man's room. So anything would do as long as it is in the right place

When did Picasso paint girl before a mirror?

March 1932

Can urethane paint be sanded and buffed to a mirror shine?

No, what you see is what you get.

What is the fastest ball sport?

Paint ball

What paint do you use to paint your car outside?

you use spray paint from a can at a bike or car shop

Which paint for outside on mailbox?

A metal paint such as Tremclad or Rustoleum is best.

Can you use interior paint outside?

Interior paint is more porous and less resistant to the elements than a paint actually devised to use outside. A flat paint finish or a satin paint finish is better outside, a gloss paint finish can also be used but only sparingly, as it reflects light and may highlight more flaws.

How to paint wood?

When you are painting, remember to paint with the grain and after you paint it (if it will be outside) let it sit and then water proof it.

How many gallons of paint were used to paint the outside of the White House?

About 3,000 gallons of paint were used to paint the White House.

Paint leather boots?

i did it one time. with spray paint outside. it worked.

How do you paint your nails without your parents knowing?

Open a window or paint them outside.