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construction paper, lined paper is too light so if you launch it too hard it will not do as well as construction paper launched hard.


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Construction paper will probaly fly best because it's thinker

the airplane with the most fuel

Square-wing paper airplanes carrying most of their weight in the leading edge are the variety that currently hold the world record for longest paper airplane flight.

The kind of paper chosen to make a paper airplane affects its weight. The best paper for making airplane is the light but firm paper. Firm paper prevents the paper plane from crumbling in the wind.

That very much depends on what you want it to do.. For a graceful kind of glider I would recommend the Floating Paper airplane. For a fast kind of dart I would recommend the Bottlenose Paper airplane. For a good all-rounder I would recommend the Rapier paper airplane. Instructions are linked below for making these.

A little bit less than a train made out of paper, but way more than a boat made out of paper. Of course, the size of the airplane wasn't stated in the question. If it was a really, really BIG paper airplane, it could weigh more than a teeny-tiny paper train. Although, if it was a tiny paper airplane it could weigh less than a HUGE paper boat. I'm pretty sure it would also depend on what kind of paper you use. A construction paper airplane would definitely weigh more than a tissue paper airplane. But one of those airplanes made out of copier paper would weigh about average. I wouldn't reccommend a toilet paper airplane. It would also depend on what kind of plane you were making out of paper. A 747 made out of tar paper is going to completely outweigh a Cessna made out of freezer paper. All in all, I would have to say a medium sized airplane made out of a mid-gauge paper would weigh in at around 3,982 kilograms.

It's really doesn't matter. But you must have rectangular paper because I hadn't known a paper airplane design that use only square paper.

The kind of paper that makes a paper airplane stay in the air the longest is blank paper because blank paper has the right amount of heaviness to make it stable.In CNN Student News,blank paper flew the greatest and longest time and distance.

any kind. your awsome! have a nice day

Generally, it is optimal to make a paper airplane symmetrical. I am not sure I understand what you mean by type of symmetry. However, some paper airplanes can be designed to be asymmetric and remain straight flying.

kind can go as far as 6 meter sticks

not unless its raining, snowing, or windy so kind of yeah!

One is to test wich kind of paper works best for paper airplanes. Constuction, computer or tissue paper. Fold each into a dart and the farthest plane has the best paper. This is very easy it only took me about three days to do.

Take your shoebox and put it on a flat surface. Take a piece of printer paper or construction paper(any kind of blank white paper) and make a shadow of the box.

The airplane is a Fairchild C-123K Provider.

It depends on what kind of jet or commercial airplane it is.

It depends on what kind of construction worker.

you can use any kind of paper from note book parer to magazine paper

An opaque material has a more dense pattern of molecules. Opaque materials do not allow light to pass through them. so then that means you could not see any light through the construction paper. because it is a kind of solid and it is hard to see through a unclear solid.

About 200 to 500.It matters what it loks like,where it is from,and what kind of model airplane.

Call the airline. Is the flight non-stop? What kind of airplane? How fast does the airplane fly?

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