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I really dont think that their is medication to make your butt grow, but their is surgery! You can get implants.. don't know how real they would look, just think about all the bad stuff that has happened to people who have had breast implants! I would even think about that sort of stuff! A butt is just a butt! No matter if its a cahdunkadunk or flat white booty!

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โˆ™ 2007-05-27 22:12:41
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Q: What kind of pills do you take for butt growth?
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What kind of pills to take to get a bigger butt?

No. There are alternatives like plastic surgery where they use implants.

Are there any pills you can take to make your butt bigger?


What pills are their to take for hair growth?

There are many pills that can be taken for hair growth. Many of these are scams, used to take money from desperate people. However, there are some things that actually work. For example, biotin and prenatal vitamins are excellent for encouraging hair growth.

Can you take fuorosomide when you breast feeding?

You cannot take any pills when you are breastfeeding. Any pills you take gets into your milk and are fed to the baby. This could be dangerous for your baby's growth.

Pregnancy and pills not to take during 3 to 4 weeks pregnancy?

You shouldn't take any pills during your pregnancy. This is an unhealthy thing to do for your baby. It can effect its growth.

What kind of infection pills can dogs take for infection?

Pills prescribed by a veterinarian. Dogs cannot take many of the medicines that people can take, See a vet.

What kind of pills can you take to help you get pregnant?

You can take fertility pills, but your doctor would have to prescribe them to you. And they could do more harm than good

What kind of pills does Nurse Jackie take?

percocet,morphine, roxy, she pretty much take opiates of all kind

How do you take birth control?

it depends on what kind your taking, there are shots and pills

Are there any hair growth pills?

yes kerastase density pills,they're green in color,you take 2 pills a day one in the morning one in the night,or you can use perfectil pills they are very good too take them once a day for a period of 3-6months.hope i helped.

Can you put your dog down using sleeping pills?

Yes but they have to be the right kind of pills. Some sleeping pills are 'safe' that is you cannot overdose on them. Take him/her to the vet, wehere they will do it humanely.

Are there pills to take to make your butt larger?

There are no pills, potions or lotions that will change your "butt". If you want to shape your buttocks you can work them out with special exercises a personal trainer can show you. If you are looking for a bottom like J. Lo. or Shakira etc. they were born with theres like that and work out frequently to keep it that way.

You want to know what kind of pills you found?

Take the medication you found to your nearest Pharmacist who will tell you what medication you have found & will dispose of the pills safely.

What kind of medicine can you take when you have your period?

menstrol pills. advil, or cranberry extract pills. If the pain is really bad go get a perscribed medication.

What kind of anti-depression pills can you take while pregnant?

ask your doctor

What kind of diet pills can you take while breastfeeding?

NONE. None at all. Don't do it.

How do you take canova pills?

how to take canova pills

Is there any way to increase hair growth on your legs and arms without any surgeries or procedures?

ya, there are like pills/tablits u can take for faster hair growth

Can you take penicillin with sleeping pills?

can you take sleeping pills with penicillan

What kind of pills should i take if im already pregnant?

none-ask your health adviser.

What kind of pills can you take to stop your period?

There are options where you can have less periods a year such as seasonelle/seasonique (and the generic). You could also have your doctor prescribe your birth control so you only take the active pills.

What happens if you take pills and alcohol?

It depends what kind of pills but most pills prescribed by a doctor such as pain pills taken with alcohal can seriusly hurt you or maybe even kill you.The best way to find out is to ask your doctor or pharmasist or read the bottle for some kinds of pills. If you are talking pills usually it will say on the bottle not to take alcohol with them. If it doesn't have a warning on the bottle you should be okay.

How do you get the penis in full length?

It depends on how you were born. I mean you can take some permanent penis growth pills, but other then that you don't have control over that.

Can you take 2 diflucan pills?

You should only take the amount that your doctor or pharmacist has recommended. If your prescription says to take 2 pills, take 2 pills.

When do i take the pills for gonorrhea if i had the shot today?

Take the pills as soon as possible.