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The Verizon network provider has a cell phone plan specifically designed for seniors. The plan name is 'Nationwide 65 Plus Plans'. This plan covers lesser minutes for a lower rate.

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Verizon offers family plans for cell phones that are affordable

Yes, Verizon does offer prepaid plans for some of their phones. Verizon makes it affordable to own one of their phones.

You have to go to the Verizon website and you can check out plans. You can compare Verizon cell phones online at the Verizon webpage/

The popular cell phone company Verizon Wireless has a couple of different options for seniors. They offer senior cell phone plans as well as a senior discount.

Greatcall is a company devoted to cell phones and plans meant for seniors. Their phones are easy to use with larger than usual displays and keypads. There are also companies for seniors on social assistance such as LifeLine and SafeLink.

There are cell phones for seniors. Most seniors prefer cell phones with limited options. The best cell phones for senior citizens can be found at

To find out the benefits of having a Verizon cell phone, go to, or

Verizon cell phones do come with some affordable plans. Like most carriers, you have options to pay as you go or get more data and cell transmission capability by paying and getting a discount for volume. offers information on all of their models, cell phones and plans. You can also stop at any of their retail stores nationwide. also has information on Verizon phones, plans and accessories that you can compare with other cell phone providers.

Cell phone plans from major cell phone service providers. Get free cell phones with wireless phone service plans from AT&T Wireless, Verizon Wireless and Nokia.

I know where to buy cheap unlocked phones it is.

By going in to a local Verizon corporate store or a store that deals with Verizon phones. There you will get valuable information and be able to shop for the plan that is right for you and look at the phones that they offer.

Amazon wireless offers some really good and cheap cell phones. They got Verizon and AT&T plans for cell phone which are reliable, fast and cheap. You can also find plans on Verizon website.

Deals on cell phone plans for seniors can be found at Personally I would recommend TracFone at You can get plans for less than $10 a month. Or get a pay as you go phone for as little as $20 every three months.

Most major companies offer prepaid cell phones now. Providers like AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile have plans and companies like Samsung and HTC have phones that fit those plans.

You can buy cell phones that are locked to Verizon by buying them from Verizon themselves. All phones bought from Verizon, whether Contract or Pay as you Go (Pre-Paid) are locked to Verizon.

One can obtain a new Verizon cell phone directly from Verizon. One can also visit a bricks and mortar store which sells Verizon phones and plans. Some online sites which carry new Verizon cell phones include eBay, Amazon, Best Buy, and of course, Verizon's official website.

If you purchased an Alltel cell phone plan a few years ago, you need to remember that these plans are now Verizon cell phone plans. Verizon purchased Alltel and all customers were transferred over to the new company. You will need to go on the Verizon website to order new phones, to change your plan, or to check your bill. You will also be able to get service at any of the Verizon stores.

The cell phones that are compatible with Verizon are Cellualar One, LG, Motorola, Apple, TMobile and there are other phones that are compatible with Verizion phones.

Verizon is a Cell phone company that offers various cell phones and monthly plans. They also offer "Prepaid" Cell phones where instead of paying for a monthly plan you simple pay for whatever mins you use from a package minute deal.

There are several companies that offer cell phone plans to seniors. Some examples would include Assurance Wireless, Consumer Cellular, Verizon Wireless, and TracFone.

Many telcos offer discount cell phone plans, Verizon ( is one. Please note, prepaid cell plans typically have much more expensive minutes.

One can find comparison rates for a variety of cell phones and plans from Whistle Out's official website. One can compare a variety of cell phone carriers such as Verizon, Cricket, Virgin Mobile, and more.

Verizon cell phones are carried by the the cell carrier Verizon. You can also purchase them at stores like Target or Best Buy. They have brands such as Samsung, LG and the iPhone.

From my search I couldn't find a book that teaches cell phones for seniors. I did however find a site that offers senior friendly phones. The site is

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