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Portuguese man o'war (Physalia physalis) is not a jellyfish, however it produces a liquid mixture made up of three peptides:

* hypnotoxine, a neurotoxic poison, which arrests respiratory, circulatory and nervous systems; * thalaxineand * congestine, two allergens, which produce irritation and kill by anaphylactic shock.

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What kind of poison does a box jellyfish produce?

the box jelly have this toxic venom called nématocystes épidermiques (sorry for being so big) they are like little harpoons that lodge venom into you that attacks the nervous systeme

How do you make poison animal on alchemy classic?

You need some kind of animal (I used jellyfish) and combine it with Chemical Rubbish.

Kind of jellyfish in movie Seven Pounds?

Box jellyfish

What kind of jellyfish are poisonous?

Some species of box jellyfish.

What colour is a jellyfish?

Jellyfish vary in color. It depends on what kind of Jellyfish. Most are partially transparent.

What is jellyfish venom called?

Be specific, what kind of jellyfish? For a Box Jellyfish, it is some sort of neurotoxin.

What kind of animals eat jellyfish?

== == Sea turtles eat Jellyfish.

How long does it take jellyfish eggs to hatch?

it depends what kind of jellyfish it is.

What kind of personality does a jellyfish have?

Non-existent.jellyfish don't have personalities...

Do jellyfish live in the ocean?

Most jellyfish live in the ocean however there is a specific kind of jellyfish that live in freshwater

What kind of jellyfish can humans eat?

why would you eat jellyfish why would you eat jellyfish

What jellyfish spiecies live in the west coast?

Jellyfish float randomly in the ocean, so any kind of jellyfish can be anywhere

What kind of body does a jellyfish have?

jellyfish have a very blubbery kind of covering on there body and if you would like to know what color the jellyfishes' cover is it is usually any color the jellyfish is very unquine.

What kind of poison does a diplosaurus spit?

they have hemotoxic poison

What kind of animal are jellyfish?


Are box jellyfish square?

kind of.....

What kind of animals are jellyfish?


Which kind of animal is a gonionemus?


What kind of symmetry does a jellyfish have?

Radial symmetryA jellyfish has radial symmetry.Radial symmetry

What kind of invertebrate is a jellyfish?

The jellyfish is an aquatic invertebrate that belongs to the phylum Cnidaria. There are different classes of jellyfish, including Cubozoa and Scyphozoa. A jellyfish is not a fish. Fish are vertebrate animals.

What kind of water can jellyfish be in?

Depending on the type of Jellyfish, they can be in both salt water and fresh water.

What kind of jellyfish does will smith drop in tub to die in movie seven pounds?

box jellyfish

What kind of symmetry does a cannonball jellyfish have?


How many kind of jellyfish are there?

200 species

What kind of skin covering does a jellyfish have?