What kind of pole would you use walleye and bass fishing?

Depending on where you are located there are different opinions on this. Here in the Midwest I would suggest a St. Croix Rod. Depending on what you want to spend really does affect what you should purchase. If you are willing to drop some money into it you can purchase a St. Croix Avid (Middle of their line/limited lifetime warranty). They make many different actions and styles. The Avid series is also made in the USA (Wisconsin). Personally I would suggest a 68MXF if you are more towards bass, but would like to walleye fish. 68 = 6'8" M = Medium Strenght Overall Rod XF = Extra Fast Tip Action for that sensativity you would prefer. If you are more into Walleye a 66MLF or a 69MLXF. The Avid Series of Rods do range between $120-190 and would personally suggest a spinning version for these species of fish. If you were not looking to spend that kind of money look at a lower end St. Croix in the same action or a Pflueger or Shimano Medium action rod if you are on a tighter budget yet. Do not waste your money on $10-20 rods as the quality is sub par. Metal or cheap eyelets ruin fishing line fast! Also before deciding put the reel you want on the rod... see how it balances and feels to YOU. You will know when you find what you like. Good Luck Fishing.