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What kind of polymer is wax?


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If you're talking about candle wax, it is not a polymer. It is a mixture of large-chain alkanes, which are hydrocarbons. All other types of waxes are condensation polymers.


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Paraffin wax is an external lubricant for PVC, PE WAX if it is non oxidised will give the same or better result in PVC but if it is Oxidised PE WAX then it will act as in Internal lubricant. It is always better to use PE WAX in PVC processing as compared to paraffin wax as PE WAX is of higher melting point and a polymer by it self. Please visit for more products which you can use in PVC processing. Vinit Kankariya. Faith Industries P.Ltd. ; India

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This is a rather arbitrary question in that most waxes contain the same ingrediants. The most popular carnuba based waxes (with the exception of Syn-wax which is a polymer) are: Turtle Wax, McGuires, Mothers, Trewax, Syn-wax, Excaliber, DuPont, Formula One, Zymol and Zaino.

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No, the noun 'wax' is a common noun, a general word for any wax of any kind.A proper noun is the name or title of a specific person, place, or thing; for example, Turtle Wax car care products or Madame Tussauds Wax Museum.

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