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Hi, most of the question are really basic, such as: Do you or have you any experance in Hotel/Motel/Hospitle industry?
Can you work independently, without supervision?
Can you work well w/others?
Can you understand verbal instruction's and follow thru them all when given to you only once?
Can you work between the hours of 7:00am-5:00pm, on your feet?
Remember the most important thing for Hotel/Motel cleaning, is they like to know that you pay attention to detail, and if you can do Hospital corners on the bed's. This is a very easy task, if you've never had to do them..
In all Motel/Hotels they supply you w/flat sheets only for top & bottom, no fitted sheets..Pull the matress out away from headboard or wall, just enough to give you room to work. Take one flat sheet spred it out ontop of matress with at least 2-3inches of overhang at top and bottom of matress. Making sure your sides are even also. We'll start at the foot first, then once you get it down you'll always want to start at the top. At the foot of the bed, starting at the center of the sheet and matress tuck the end of the sheet in flat, move to eather side, you'll notice the bottom of the sheet hanging out at the corner, lift the sheet w/ your left hand and smooth out the overhang, then tuck in the corner from your left hand. When looking at it from the foot of the bed it should look like the end of a gift package when you wrap it. Do the same on the other side and at the head of the matress, do the same w/the top sheet and blanket, remember though not to tuck all of the side's of the sheets and blankets in(except for only the bottom sheet). Only tuck in up to about the center of the matress when standing on the edge or side of bed, this will make it easier for the guest to turn down, and not end up pulling it all out if they are going to be stay over's for another night. Also remember to clean the shower curtian rod's. Good Luck at the interview! Chow Silverlighting

Another area where questions will be asked deals with you trustworthiness. There will be questions about any possible criminal activity in the past, whether there are any things that could prevent you from being bonded.

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Q: What kind of questions can you expect to be asked in a job interview for a Restaurant supervisor position for hotel?
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