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Q: What kind of sink does Paula Deen have on her cooking show?
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Which is the correct name of the cooking show starring Paula Deen?

Paula's Home Cooking

Where can one purchase a Paula Deen cookbook?

Paula Deen is an American cook, cooking show hostess, author and restaurateur. Her books are available to purchase from most good book stores including; Amazon, eBay, Book Depository and from the Paula Deen Store.

What kind of measuring cups does Paula Deen use on her show?


Does Paula Deen have any recipes for Turducken?

Paula Deen does have a recipe for Turducken. This recipe was shown on her Paula's Southern Thanksgiving episode. Her television show airs on The Food Network.

Will Paula Deen get another show?

Paula Deen is talented, pretty, famous, and a darn good cook, so I'd say the chances of her getting another show are pretty good.

What type of knifes does Paula Deen use on her show?


Did Paula dean divorce and who did she divorce?

paula deen was married to Jimmy Dean from 1965 to 1989. She and Jimmy Deen Divorced and then she married her husband Michael (the one that she always talks about on her show!)

Where can you get the sign Ya'll come back that is on Paula Deen's show?

My husband and I just started making these after one of Paula Deen's fans requested one. It turned out so great that we made another...and another..

Is Paula Deen a racist?

In June 2013, Paula Deen admitted to using the n-word and she discussed a southern-style plantation wedding for her brother where the staff were middle-aged black men, as if to appear as slaves. In reaction to this scandal, the Food Network cancelled her show, and Paula Deen lost her Smithfields Foods endorsement.

Is yellow stone ring Paula Deen wears on her show a yellow diamond?


What are the release dates for The Denial Show - 2010 The Denial Show Paula Deen Smooth-like-butter Talk 3-22?

The Denial Show - 2010 The Denial Show Paula Deen Smooth-like-butter Talk 3-22 was released on: USA: 22 March 2012

What is the theme song on Paula Deen's show?

The song is Jesse James but I'm not sure who the guitarist is.

Why was Jamie Deen's wife and son not on Paula Deen's Christmas show?

because they errant now so suck it up and move on with your life:-Peace love always Taylor ag

Owner of Jimmy deen sausage company ever married to Paula Deen from TV food show?

Jiimy Deen was Paula Deen's first husband. Jimmy Dean is the sausage company. Jimmy Dean was a popular Country Music singer in the fifties and sixties. He also lent his name to the "Jimmy Dean Sausage" brand. Further he was a pretty good actor.

How big is the diamond in Paula Deen's ring?

This is a stupid question. Go watch her show or something or start reading her magazine. Why is this a stupid question? It is a beautiful ring and some people are interested in information about it. An example of a stupid question would be: "Can I have Paula Deen's ring?"

Where was Jamie Deen's wife and son for the Deen Christmas Show?

The whereabouts of Jamie Deen's wife and sons for the Deen Christmas Show are not known. Jamie Deen's brother, Bobby, introduced his girlfriend on the show.

Is Paula Deen still married to captain mike?

Mike was not in the Christmas issue (except for a paid ad) that featured everyone else in the family. Then he is not in the current edition of the magazine and have not seen him on the show. Did Paula ship him out to sea?

Where can you find the blouses like Paula Deen wears on her show?

I love Paula Deen! The only thing I love more than her food are her clothes! I finally found a place that sells the kind of blouses she wears. I hate having to travel out to department stores that end up not having what I want!Anyway, check out Tianello.comI think she wears the Aida Blouses!

Where can you get a signed Paula Deen platter as seen on her all-star Kitchen Makeover show in Mystic Connecticut?

This is the link to the All Star Kitchen Makeover form:,2677,FOOD_22616_35168,00.html Also see: BTW, if it helps in your search, Paula's last name is spelled DEEN. ~ T

Where can you purchase a refrigerator like the one on the Paula Deen show?

Paula Dean has a Sub Zero that is wood paneled w/ hardware applied. The company that she had panel the refrigerator is calle Roseland Icebox Co. I love her fridge as the name Roseland Icebox and you will see all of their products.

What signature dish is Paula Deen known for?

On "The Doctors" TV. show, they showed what was Paula Deen's signature dish and it was ghastly! Not only was it absolutey unhealthy but it looked down right revolting. Here it is... a 'burger' consisting of a big meat pattie & bacon, but here is the bizarre thing, instead of burger buns, she sandwiched the meats between two glazed donuts. So basically you are eating 1000 calories of pure saturated fats.

Where can you get the long-sleeved v-neck sweaters like Paula Deen wears on her show?

You can actually write the station and address it to "wardrobe department" and they can tell you. All celebrities are dressed by the wardrobe department.

Is Kate Gosselin on a talk show?

Kate Gosselin has appeared on numerous talk shows as a guest. However, she has only been the host on one show 'The View." There are rumors that she participated in the taping of a pilot for a new talk show with Paula Deen and other mothers.

Does chef bobby flay use assistants in his television shows?

It depends on what you mean by assistants. On cooking shows such as Paula's Home Cooking or Everyday Italian, assistants prepare the food and ingredients used on the show ahead of time.

How do you leave a message for Paula Deen about her New Restaurant in Cherokee NC?

I'm not exactly an expert on a computer, but wanted to leave a personal message for Paula. I've been meaning to tell you (Paula) how much you have brought to my life for I turn your show on foodnetwork every evening while I prepare my dinner. I just love your laughter, Jamie and Bobby, and since I am about your age, I feel so close to you. I think what you bring to the audience is absolutely wonderful and I so much enjoy your chuckle and just the way you bring us into your kitchen. I'm very proud to say "I love Paula Deen". I have all of your pans and kitchen equipment, too! Thanks so much. -- Marion