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Different fish have different types of skeleton. Most fish are vertebrates (have a backbone) but some have no bones at all (like hagfish) so it depends on which fish you mean.


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Fish, Reptiles, Birds, Mammals.

nobody knows because there is no such thing as a jawless fish

Yeah, kind of. They have scales...

Fish have an internal skeleton.

A skeleton of a fish has a rib cage and a spine just like the human skeleton.

No bony fish are not extinct. Bony fish are fish with a bone skeleton unlike Cartilaginous fish which heave a cartilage skeleton and jawless fish which don't have a skeleton. -Erin 11

cartilagenous fish - cartilagenous skeleton bony fish - bony skeleton

Fish have fish skeletons and frogs have frog skeletons.

A bony fish has a bony skeleton.

when your still inside your mothers fetus you look like a fish and you form like a fish plus the fish bones are nothing but your back skeleton just flatten

Yes. Many fish have a skeleton made out bones like us humans.

No fish don't have a skeleton on the out side. On the out side its just skin.

yes fish do have skeletons

Jawless fish have no jaw (obviously) but they do have a skeleton. It is made of cartilage though instead of bone. Jawlee fish have no real bone. Also their skeleton is very simple.

No. It has a bony skeleton.

All mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish (but not all fish) have internal skeleton.

some plankton live their and a skeleton fish whitch is a fish with a glowng skeleton

It would be jelly without a skeleton

The big, obvious difference is the external skeleton on crabs and the internal skeleton of the fish.

Yes.A fish has a skeleton.Don't you see it when you eat it?

all reptiles have a skeleton!

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