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It smells like blood from any other wound. If it smells unpleasant you have an infection. If you are bleeding you need to go to the hospital straight away.

2006-08-28 17:29:44
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What kind of bleeding is spurting blood?

Bleeding from an artery or arterial.

What does a pregnancy period smell like?

All blood smells exactly the same. You will typically not experience a normal period and be pregnant. However you may experience very light vaginal bleeding which lasts 48 hours or less which is commonly mistaken for a period. This bleeding is known as implantation bleeding.With implantation bleeding you will experience very light bleeding 6-12 days after you had intercourse. You may require only one pad a day as the bleeding is very light, but sometimes you may need two pads. The bleeding is usually brown or a pinkish red color. It can also resemble vaginal discharge with a tinge of red or pink blood.

What does blood smell like?

Like Iron.. rust. It depends on the kind of person to me. My blood doesn't smell at all, but other peoples have a sweet smell...I don't know about you..Blood doesn't smell like rust to me

How do we get lead in our blood?

Well...Lead is just in our blood. When you have cut yourself with something and you start Bleeding and when you taste the blood you kind of taste this metal kind of thing in your blood

Why do you taste or smell blood after coughing?

You don't taste or smell 'blood', your coughing may irritate your lungs and the irritation may have you taste what you think is blood. As for the smell, you could be smelling the flem. The flem gets that kind of smell after being to much of an irritant to your lungs or throat.

How concerned should you be when bleeding in your 8th week of pregnancy?

Its difficult to say. Red blood, light bleeding or generally speaking bleeding of any kind SHOULD be checked by your doctor. Some women do bleed lightly during pregnancy but its not normal in the medical sense of the word because pregnant women aren't supposed to bleed. See your doctor.

Is it 100 percent sure that a blood test can say your pregnant?

I have tested positive with blood that am pregnant but scan says there no pregnancy. i don't know whether it is some kind of sickness.

Do you bleed at all when you're pregnant?

Bleeding during pregnancy usually indicates that there is some kind of problem. You should see your doctor.

How can a sharks smell blood from a mile away?

They have very good smelling senses, and are one of a kind usually.

Is any kind of clotted like blood normal during th 1st trimester of pregnancy?

I got pregnant twice and during my first trimester i had spotting and slight bleeding. And they were both signs of tubal pregnancy which is the fertilised egg implants in the tubes but not in the uterus. So I lost both of the pregnancies. I am 4 weeks pregnant again and i am hoping i will have a healthy pregnancy. I will freak out if any spotting or bleeding starts.

What kind of bleeding should you be concerned about?

Internal bleeding.

If an astronaut died in space in a crash of some kind and he was bleeding would his blood be blue or red?

the blood is always red . The red colour of the blood is caused by an iron compound hemoglobin. neither in earth nor in space hemoglobin could suddenly turn blue so the blood of the bleeding astronaut will always be red

What do Campanulas smell like?

They smell kind of like sweet tarts. They smell kind of like sweet tarts.

Can vaginal bleeding during a pregnancy be heavy and have menstrual like cramping?

Well it depends. This sounds kind of serious I would go to a doctor right away. Sounds like a miscarrage, you shouldn't be bleeding that profusely when pregnant.

What kind of disease have vomiting of blood bleeding through the nose and urinating blood as its symtons?

You have bleeding disorder. There are many diseases like hemophilia can cause the same. Amongst the viral infections, you have acute hemorrhagic fevers like dengue, Ebola and marburg virus infections.

How can you tell spearmint from peppermint?

You can tell Spearmint from Peppermint by the smell. Spearmint is kind of a sharp smell, While Peppermint is kind of a thin smell.

Is Bleeding at 15 weeks pregnant normal?

It depends what kind of bleeding it is. If it is heavy and/or bright and/or painful, it is not normal. If this is the case it is important to go to the hospital straight away to get checked out. If it is light and quite dark coloured, then it is probably normal and nothing to worry about.

I stopped birth control 3 months ago. I have had a period for the last 13 days. Could it mean i am pregnant?

It depends on what kind of bleeding you're having. If it's spotting, that could mean you're pregnant. But, if it's bleeding like a normal period, chances are you're not pregnant. Best thing to do, of course, would be to see your doctor because it could be something serious.

What kind of alcohol does not smell?

Vodka does not smell on your breath after drinking it

What kind of medicine can you take to get pregnant?

What kind of medicine can you take to get pregnant?

Why are mosquito attracted to blood?

Females need blood to reproduce. Males do not bite, drink juices of plants. (ebersnew) I thought this was a cool fact. Mosquitos are only attracted to some kinds of blood because of your smell. People who don't get bitten have a kind of smell that mosquitos don't like so they don't go near you.

What kind of wound spurts bright red blood?

This would be arterial bleeding - bright red pertains to oxygen-rich blood and the squirting is because of the pressure from the heart. Venous blood will appear dark, and oxygenated blood from the arteries will appear bright red in color.

Why Baby is bleeding after circumcision?

Bleeding is a common side effect from any kind of surgery. You need to call your pediatrician. it takes very litle blood loss for an pnfant to bleed to death, so dont waste any time.

What kind of spotting means your pregnant?

It's called Implantation Bleeding some women get it some don't, but if you miss a period and spot and it's not normal then go get a pregnancy test.

What can you smell in Mexico like can you smell a sea smell or a sand smell or any kind of smell at all because usual smells are abnormal?

you can smell taco's and burrito's