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sounds like an eastern king snake.

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Q: What kind of snake is Brown or black with white stripe on top?
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What snake is white with a black stripe?

a king snake has black and white stripes

What kind of snake is black with one white stripe?

its a Black & White Desert Phase California Kingsnake

Is a skunk black with a white stripe or white with a black stripe?

It's black with a white stripe.

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What kind of snake is brown with black white black stripes on the back?

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What are the levels in karate?

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What snake has black and brown rings?

Milk snake and a milk snake has white bellies too

What kind of worm is black and blue with a white stripe?

black worm with white stripe

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What kind of caterpillars are black brown fuzzy with a white stripe on back?

i think it is an eastern tent caterpillar

What kind of snake is white with black rings in Illinois?

the Australian brown snake even tho it ain't brown prob a relative, also known as easten brown.

What kind of snake is black with yellow stripes around the body and red tongue?

If the stripes are light in color, maybe even off white it could be a CA king snake.

What colors are accepted by the Norwegian Fjord Registry?

• Brown dun: coat color is pale yellow-brown, and can vary from creamy yellow to nearly brown. The dorsal stripe (forelock through tail) is black or dark brown.• Grey: coat color from light silver grey to dark slate grey; stripe in mane, dorsal stripe and tail, stripe are dark grey to black; muzzle is generally a darker shade of grey than body color.• Red dun; pale red-yellow in lighter or darker shades; the dorsal stripe is red or red-brown, always darker than the coat color but never black. On the lighter shades of red duns, the forelock, mane and tail can be completely white.• White dun: coat color is white or yellow-white; dorsal stripe is black or grey.• Yellow dun: coat color is yellow-white; dorsal stripe a darker shade of yellow, but may be indistinct. Forelock, mane and tail may be completely white.

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The caterpillar that has black triangles is called a yellow-striped armyworm. It also has the color brown with a white stripe.

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The black bellied plover is a bird that has a black stripe down its throat joining a black belly that is bordered by white brown speckled all over and is about as big as a lapwing. It is typically found in Massachusetts and British Columbia.

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Botswana (it also has one thin white stripe on either side of the black stripe).

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The flag for the state of Iowa shows a brown and white hawk. The hawk is carrying a snake in its talons and shows the bird in flight. On the left is a blue vertical stripe. The middle is white. On the right is a red vertical stripe.