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What kind of snowboard should a beginner buy?



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the best beginner board is a morrow slick and try some drake bindings. it was a really good board and i got it used for about 60$ try a play it again sports if there is one in your location PS ve been boarding my whole life
In my opinion, i would choose a k2 board. They arn't wide like the beginner boards. they are more narrow, and are good for pow and pack. I have a k2 gamma, and it was the best bang for my buck. This is only my opinion though. no i would start of on ether a nitro or a ride there nice boards and flex good with good edges
well, if you're a novice, then i would suggest a board that is flexible with plenty of give to make your landings softer when you fall, until you get the hang of it. the average height of the board should be between your shoulders and your nose. i would suggest a shorter board that is slightly more in line with your shoulders in order to give you more control and make manouvering much easier. also, a board that isn't expensive would be a good decision. if you buy the board boots and bindings, your total cost really shouldn't be anything more than $700-$800 (AUD) because it is your first board and will eventually have to be replaced, so there is no need to go into great cost. most of that $800 should be spent on a good pair of boots if your feet aren't still growing so they last you a very long time, or on the bindings so that you'll only really need to replace the board. i had my first boots and bindings for about 5 years after i bought them. i only just recently replaced them.

also, make sure you go for a snowboard with whats called an extruded base rather than a sintered base. the base of the board, or the part that sits on the snow is longer lasting and cheaper to repair than a sintered base. A sintered base i would suggest if you wanted better performance out of the board. but I've been snowboarding a while and i still have an extruded base and I've had absolutely no problems. they're a far more cost effective and money saving option.

for girls, some of the best beginner boards are manufactured by: Spice and Lola and for men: Flow and Rossignol. However, there are also plenty of great beginner boards from other brands.

the clerk at the snowboard shop should give you the help you need anyway.

*also see the answer to the question 'how do you know what snowboard to buy?' that my help you further.