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Moist but free draining acidic soil is the kind of soil which is needed for a blueberry bush (Vacciniumspp).

Specifically, a soil analysis test has to place the soil in the pH levels below the neutral range of 6.5 to 7.0. A way of ascertaining the soil pH without such a test is looking for the areas where trees such as the acidic soil-loving white pines (Pinus strobus) fluorish. If the soil pH is not acidic or if lime needs to be added for the well-being of other plants, then the blueberry bush can be started out in a container with ericaceous compost.

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Q: What kind of soil is needed for a blueberry bush?
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What does blueberry bush eat?

Blueberry bush eats the soil and drinks water from it also . And it gets it energy from the sun .

Why are your potted Blueberry Bush Seedlings dying?

Check the pH of the soil. Blueberries like slightly acidic soil.

What kind of soil is needed for raspberry bush?

Can I use old grass clippings, lime, sulphur and peat moss mixed with mulchy soil to create a good soil bed for twenty rhaspberry plants?

How do you start a blueberry bush from a seed?

You plant the seed in some fertile soil and water it every day- not too much, though.

Which soil is the type to grow blueberries?

acid type of soil. which a pH of 5 depending on the blueberry.

Is soil needed for germination?

obviosly soil is needed for germination you dodo

What vegetable plants prefer acidic soil?

Potatoes & Sweet Potatoes. Also Blueberry bushes

Why are earthworms needed for soil?

they fertilize the soil

How many minerals does a brittle bush need?

The brittle bush needs only the soil for its minerals.

When is a good time to plant a blueberry plant?

It is always good to plant the blueberry at the hottest months of the year. It is always important that it needs to be planted in a are which gets max sunlight. A good drainage is always needed. Too many plants could make it die and the material can be made of clay. Rocky soil can be used. You need to make sure that the soil doesn't need to be too acidic. A Ph level of 4.0 to 5.5. If you use higher acidity there is no problem. The best month to grow the blueberry plant is Spring. Hope this helps.

What is Raw soil?

A type of soil that is kind of purplish. A type of soil that is kind of purplish.

Which soil is needed to grow cotton?

black soil

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