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What kind of space do red ear slider turtles need?

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For one red eared slider a 20 gallon tank and up is required.You can start doubling housing at around 60 gallons.

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What kind of water do red eared slider turtles need?

Fresh what if you have salt water they might die

If I have a male and a female slider turtle do I need to be concerned that they will have babies?

Red-eared slider turtles usually can only breed successfully if they have hibernated before, and turtles kept in tanks rarely hibernate. There is a miniscual chance your turtles will breed if they have not hibernated.

What kind of water do red eared slider turtles need salt or fresh?

these turtles live in fresh water ......... n they cam b messy .... so need a frequent water change...... may b a couple of days without a filter

How often do red eared slider turtles need to go to the vet?

Every 6 months you should take the Red Eared Slider Turtle to the vet

Do female red eared slider turtles lay eggs without mating?

All turtles need to have mated in order to lay eggs, unlike birds who will lay infertile eggs, turtles won't.

Do turtles need many water features in the tank?

Aquatic turtles need to live in water. How deep depends on the species. Turtles like painted turtles or slider turtles need water to be as deep as possible. Turtles like musk and snapping turtles need shallower water. They have to have land too, a turtle need to be able to completely dry off when ever they want to. Tortoises or box turtles need a shallow, easy to climb in, dish that is big enough for then to fit in so they can sit in it and drink when ever they want.

Do turtles like big space?

Yes, they need space. Also some water and grass.

How should you take care of a red eared slider turtles eggs?

No need to care for it. There are already enough red eared sliders in the world.

How big of a tank do you need for 2 turtles?

You need a 40 gallon tank to keep two turtles.

Where would a slider turtle go if it escaped captivity?

The slider turtle would go to a pond or other fresh water body o water. A place where it would be happy with friend turtles, food, and other things they need.

Are red eared slider turtles better pets than painted turtles?

Actually, both are really good pets. You just need a proper set-up for the turtle. ( Whether it be a Map Turtle or a Snapping Turtle.)

How much do space do sea turtles need?

apperintly u dont now it is 10ft

What kind of wetlands do turtles live in?

different turtles live in difrent places. mostly swamp type areas, they need sunlight.

What kind of food do red eared slider turtles need?

"Reptomin Floating Food Sticks" are a good choice. They include the vitamins RES turtles need to be healthy. Supplement that staple with "Turtle Bites" which are made of fruits and vegetables. As treats, these turtles can be given large amounts of red leaf lettuce. They may be given small amounts of strawberries, melon, cooked meat and most vegetables. From their tank, they will eat anacharis (water plant) and goldfish, guppies, tadpoles and ghost shrimp.

What species of turtles do you need to give birth to albino slider?

well, It will be hard 2 make it albino because albino is kinda rare unless there is a whole species of turtle that is albino

Do baby red eared slider turtles need the heating light on all of the time?

Yes, baby red eared sliders need the heating light on all of the time, as well as a UVA/UVB during the day.

Do you need a tank for a turtle?

It depends what kind of turtle it is.Some turtles do not need water and can be kept in a room,or big area.

Can you put turtles in an aquarium with fish?

No. While turtles can hold their breath longer than mammals can, they have to be in an environment where they can come up for air. They have to be able to breathe, or they will drown.More detail:The first answer is partly correct. You can't put a land tortoise in an aquarium with water, or yes they will drown.Aquatic turtles such as the Red Ear Slider or Yellow Bellied Slider need lots of swimming room. You must keep that in mind though when introducing fish. You will need a very large aquarium, probably at least 75 gallons.You also need to keep in mind the filtration since turtles tend to be very messy. As far as turtles not eating the fish you will have to make sure your turtles are well fed and the fish is of appropriate size. Minnows or smaller goldfish will most likely be eaten whereas a convict or a larger sized cichlid would be fine.

What is the general care for yellow bellied slider turtles?

You would care for a yellow bellied slider the same way that you would care for a red eared slider. Feed them at least once a day. Clean their tank often. Provide a heater in the winter. Just look at how you would care for a turtle. The breed yellow bellied sliders does not need any special care.

What kind of space shuttle need?

I dont know what your talking about

When do turtles need to be fed?

i prefer to feed turtles at 12:oo p.m noon.you could buy food for them at Wal*Mart but it depends what kind of tutle it is so check that.

What kind of space suit do you need on venus?

You actually need a dick space suit and a dick helmet with pubes. The pubes will keep you warm

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