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Hi! I found a spider similar to the one you're describing on a lavender plant in my Southern California garden. It appears to be a Western variation of the Peucetia Viridans or Green Lynx Spider, see here

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It is the Venusta Orchard Spider, Leucauge venusta. A picture is located on the spiderzrule website:

that kind of spider thats what

If you come across a spider like this, do not go near it. It is a dierone spider and is very, very poisionous. If bitten, call an emergency hotline right away. Death may occur within 24 hours.

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I believe it is a type of jeweled spider.

It is almost impossible to tell for certain what kind of spider a given specimen is simply by its appearance. In this case, you can rule out many species of spiders, but additional information such as size and web type would be key in its identification.

A North American Johnson jumping spider

A jumping spider has a white dot on its back.

A white tail spider fits the discription. Where do you live?

I think its a Red Back spider cause i have seen one

The funky butt spider is a common name for Micrathena gracilis which does occur in Ohio.I always learned funky butt spider as the common name, but it seems that the accepted common name is now Spined Micrathena.

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# i don,t know i just fond a red spider with a black butt and black tips on feet and black fangs let me know if you find out

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