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It is the Venusta Orchard Spider, Leucauge venusta. A picture is located on the spiderzrule website:

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โˆ™ 2008-07-19 14:21:30
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Q: What kind of spider has green legs with a yellow and brown butt?
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What kind of spider is red with yellow butt?

that kind of spider thats what

What kind of Spider is Brown fuzzy with 2 Bright Green Spots 1 on it's head the other just below that and a brown butt?

There is no such spider.... though this description reminds me a lot of YOU!

What kind of spider has green head and legs with a yellow and brown butt?

Hi! I found a spider similar to the one you're describing on a lavender plant in my Southern California garden. It appears to be a Western variation of the Peucetia Viridans or Green Lynx Spider, see here

What kind of spider had a black head and brown butt?

brown widow

What brown spider has two horns on its butt in Utah?

Cat faced spider

What is a spider with brown legs and white butt?

possibly a wolf spider

What spider has a black butt and tan body?

A Brown Recluse

What spider has a brown butt brown legs black head and it looks like a fly is head and butt?

Bloosem Tree no its britney!

What kind of spider is black and brown with a big butt?

roflmao Your mum

What kind of spider has yellow legs with a brown butt?

If you come across a spider like this, do not go near it. It is a dierone spider and is very, very poisionous. If bitten, call an emergency hotline right away. Death may occur within 24 hours.

What is Poop out the butt?

Poop is what comes out you butt after you use the bathroom, Pee is the yellow stuff. poop is usually green, dark yellow, forest green etc......

What kind of spider has hump back and yellow spots?

An imaginary one. Or one blotted with yellow paint and an eggsack attached to its butt.

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