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A spider tat sports a red body and black and white banded legs may be the spitting spider. These Spiders spit at their victims immobilizing them for a few minutes. They typically come out at night and in the early morning hours.


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The kind of spider with a white body and black and white banded legs might be a crab spider. This could also be a wolf spider or a jumping spider depending on where you live in the world. There are over 40,000 species of spider.

wasp spider i think. I think it's a Banded Orb Weaver, also called a Banded Garden Spider. Harmless, very pretty, will typically shy away and hide if you walk toward it.

it could be a brown widow or a black and white jumping spider

Porbably one of the tunnelweb spiders the banded tunnelweb spider and the black tunnelweb spider both have a body legnth of 25mm.

A white tail spider fits the discription. Where do you live?

The Zebra spider, Salticus scenicus, is known as such because of its black and white striped body. It is a common jumping spider.

The kind of spider with a white body and spotted legs includes the arrowhead orb weaver and the banded garden spider. Both spiders are shy and are rarely seen outside of the garden or woods.

What kind of spider has a round orange body and white and black striped legs

its either a Huntsman or a Wood spider

The spider with a black body and white smiley face spots is the jumping spider. It's scientific name is Phidippus audax. It is harmless to people.

Black widow, they can be dangerous so stay away from it!

A kind of spider that has a black body with three orange dots is a daring jumping spider, also known as Phidippus audax. As the spider matures, the spots tend to turn white.

One possibility is the common jumping spider, which has a black body and white rings around its legs. Its scientific name is phidippus audax.

The zebra spider is an arachnid whose body is black-and-white striped.Specifically, the zebra spider (Salticus scenicus) can be found in Europe and North America. It has alternating black and white stripes running horizontally across its body and legs. It also will be recognized by predation - as a jumping spider - by pouncing and by two of eight eyes being particularly prominent.

A spider with an all white body, a big abdomen and a black underbody is probably an orb weaver. These spiders are often found in meadows and gardens and are generally harmless to humans.

that is a mexican red knee, im not sure about pink banded legs but my best guess would be the brazillian goliath toes have pink toes? hope that helps

Misumena vatia or best-known flower spider, it is called the goldenrod crab spider or flower (crab) spider

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