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A common brown house spider.

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What kind of spider is Black with a yellow stripe down the back?

i dont know what spider has that kind of markings so tell me the freakin answer

What Spider is Black with a red stripe down it's back?

don't be scared it I think it is just a garden spider ^^ HA!! um black and a red stripe? sounds like one of the most poisonous spiders in australia, the red back! be afraid!

What kind of spider is black with a white stripe down its back and is about the size of a quarter-legs included and is slightly aggressive?

This is the Herpyllus Ecclesiasticus, more commonly known as the Parsons spider. This spider gets its name because the white stripe on the abdomen resembles an 18th Century parson's cravat.

What type of spider is lime green with a yellow stripe down its back?

there isn't realy one but there is a lime green spider called a green lynx spider

What kind of caterpillar is yellow with a thin black stripe down the back?

what kind of caterpiller is bright yellow with black strip down its back

What kind of salamander is black with a gold stripe down its back?

It is the gold-striped salamander. It is black with two gold stripes down its back.

What is a dorsal stripe?

A dorsal Stripe is a dark brown/black stripe that goes straight down the back of a horse. Duns have them, But usually not paint duns.

What colour is a przewalski horse?

all przewalkis horses are dun (cream with a black mane and tail) and a black stripe down the back (dorsal stripe).

What do skunks in general look like?

black with a white stripe down the back

What type of spider is black with colorful hearts down its back?

Your spider is a Heartstring spider the prettiest spider ever.

What kind of spider is black with a white stripe down the center?

Hard to tell for sure without seeing pic, but sounds like a black widow

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