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A black spider that has a red stripe on the back is possibly a red spotted ant mimic spider. They walk on six legs instead of eight and can be found in Arizona.

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What animal start with a s that lives in Arizona?

Snake, Spider Skunk Skink Spider Salamander

What is the lifespan of a Black Widow Spider?

A Black Widow Spider typically lives for two to three years.

What habitat does the black spider monkey live in?

the black spider monkey probobly lives in rainforest or tropical areas

What animal that lives in the desert is brown with a black stripe down its back?

It is most likely a Gemsbok which is in the Antelope family.

What is a sand spider?

a sand spider is a spider that lives in sand and eats sand. so you better watch out when you are at the beach! remember it is as dangerous as a black widow! BE CAREFUL!

What kind of spider is black with thick red stripes on it's back and lives in Louisiana?

If the stripe is rather large and the abdomen is longer rather than spherical, it's probably an Ant Mimic Spider (in the family Clubionidae, genus Castianeira). And it's harmless. If the spider is super shiny and has a very round abdomen, then it's probably some sort of widow and you should stay away.

What bird is black with a white stripe on its back?

It helps to know what region you are talking about. One that comes to mind is the white-necked raven, which lives in Africa.

What kind of spider is short squat black with red spot on back and jumps and lives on Vancouver Island?

A short, squat black spider that jumps and has a red spot on its back is probably a red-backed jumping spider. These are common in the Pacific Northwest, including Vancouver Island.

What black spider lives in Georgia that looks like a black widow but is all black?

it is a black widow. it is all black becausse only female black widows have the red mark on their back. this means that is a male black widow.

What percentage of the total US population lives in Arizona?

2.04% of the total US population lives in Arizona.

What poisonous spider lives in South Carolina?

Brown Recluse - Loxosceles reclusaNorthern Black Widow - Latrodectus variolusSouthern Black Widow - Latrodectus mactans

What state does a spider live?

The Spider lives in the Mexican Providence of Huevos.

What spider do you have?

I have one that lives in my eye.

Where normal spider live?

a normal spider lives in a corner in a house or in a shed

How does spider live?

spider lives in a hole place and eat other insects

What is the spider that lives on mount everest?

The Euophrys omnisuperstes is a small jumping spider that lives 22,000 ft up Mount Everest.

What kind of spider lives in Northern Indiana and has a brown abdomen with white spots and black and white striped legs?

From what I have been told, this sounds like an Orb Spider...which is in the Widow Family and is extremely venomous.

Is there the bird cardinal in Arizona?

yes the bird cardinal lives in Arizona

What is the relationship between spider and tree?

the relationship between spider and tree is the spider lives in the tree and it does not harm the tree

What tortoise lives in Arizona?

is there a tortoisethat lives in Arizona becasue i searched it and this does not tell me anything and this is for homework and i really need to know

How rare is the Black Spider Monkey?

extremely rare primate that lives only in the remaining Atlantic forests of southeastern Brazil.BY CHARLIE AUSTIN

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