What kind of spider is black with a white shell with red spikes and black spots?


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Spiny Backed Orb Weaver


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The caterpillar that is black with brown spots and has spikes on top of spikes is the passion butterfly. These caterpillars feed from the passionflower.

a little spider black legs and yellow back with black spots

what kind of insect that is a beetle with a red shell and tiny black spots?

Black widdows are black with red spots and dangerously poisonous, so if it is, stay away. If it's not, it could be a member of that spider family.

It's a "spined micrathena spider". Native to woods in and around Virginia. I found one in my yard in North Carolina ( I live near woods) so apparently they can cover distance too.

it is just a house spider they are fast

The spider with a black body and white smiley face spots is the jumping spider. It's scientific name is Phidippus audax. It is harmless to people.

No, the Ladybird has a black head without spots, the black spots are all on it's red shell.

it might be The Northern Black Spide

A black spotted yellow spider that just ate a gumball.

A buck moth caterpillar has orange spots on its back, with orange feet and black spikes. The buck moth caterpillar is poisonous, causing rashes and nausea. Buck moth caterpillars inhabit oak forests.

A brown spider with white spots is a brown spider with white spots.

The turtle that has black spots under the shell is a red-eared slider turtle. It is so named because of the red dash that appears around their ears.

A spotted turtle, the yellow spots are small and scattered around the shell.

My guess is that this spider you saw was either a Jumping Spider (quite possibly a Daring Jumping Spider) or a Parson Spider.

black and yellow argiope spider or a spiny orb weaver spiders are 2 I can think of also the yellow or golden garden spider.

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