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Its the Bold Jumping Spider or Daring Jumping Spider.


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The black hairy jumping spider has a black dot on it's head, and large green fangs. This spider is a beneficial spider, that keeps other insects at bay.

The spider that is white with black fangs is called the "Phidippus regius". Spiders are air breathing arthropods that have four pairs of legs. The black fangs help them inject venom on their prey.

A black spider with a red mark and green fangs might be a black widow spider. This spider is very venomous and its bite can kill a human if treatment is not received soon after a bite.

My son just killed on just like that with Orange fangs and a hour glass on its body so everyone who answered stupid its true and out there

No a black widow spider could not be able to pierce the snakesSkin with its fangs so no black widow cannot kill a rattlesnake

It is hard to say exactly what spider is black and white spotted with four purple eyes and green fangs without seeing the exact spider. However, the Daring Jumping Spider is a common spider found in garages, houses, and barns that does sound quite similar.

# i don,t know i just fond a red spider with a black butt and black tips on feet and black fangs let me know if you find out

Because the spider has fangs that penetrate your skin. There is further damage from the venom of the spider destroying the tissue at the location of the bite.

No they are not, but they are some ill lookin lil fckers

Some spiders do have fangs. It depends on what kind of spider it is though.

I think that I just caught the same spider, it is a "Daring Jumping Spider." does yours have green/blue looking "Fangs" ? because that is definitely the one.

If the spider that you saw also had bright green chelicerae (fangs), then you saw a jumping spider. I have found a picture of a Daring Jumping spider see related link..

I am pretty certain that it is a rare Australian blue cyanide spider

a spider catches its food by using it fangs

A spider has venomous fangs to paralyse its prey.

I just caught a spider that matches this description. After looking online, I think it may be a jumping spider from the family Salticidae. I believe that spider is Phidippus Audax a.k.a the Bold Jumping Spider.

That is most likely the common "Daring jumping spider," Phidippus audax. It's completely harmless.

Definitely. They are poisonous and their fangs can break through the skin, unlike Grandaddy Long Legs.

Yes. There are the eight legs of the spider, then by the fangs there are two palps.

A tarantula by far. tarantulas are walking arsenals. They have claws, fangs, hair( as a deterrent), hissing abilities and silk. Black widows have silk and fangs, but they rarely use venom. Tarantulas always do.

It depends on which one you're talking about.I think your talking about the turrantula.

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