What kind of spider is black with white triangle shapes arranged in a eye nose and mouth configuration on its butt?


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It is called the Parson spider. It isn't poisonous but some get allergic reactions to its bite. If you find one, don't kill it, just put it outside.

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The name of the spider is Phidippus Audux. It is a jumping spider.

The Green Lynx Spider has eight eyes, arranged in two rows.

Part of identifying a spider is its body shape and style, so the color alone won't always tell you what it is. The kind of spider that is black with a yellow triangle on its belly is most likely a member of the orb weaver family, and is commonly referred to as the "triangle spider." It is essentially harmless.

An Arrowhead spider is brown with a green back. This spider is also known as a Triangle Orb Weaver. This spider is not venomous.

It may be One belonging to The Goldenrod Crab Spider family.

According to the research I did it is called a Phidippus audax or commonly known as a jumping spider.

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A spider has eight legs attached to a small body which is attached to the head. Spiders come in many different shapes and sizes.

The European Garden Spider (Cross Spiders), among others, has dots on its back arranged in a cross shape.

im asking becaus i was sitting on my bed when i found the spider in the top of my ear!!!

Spiders come in various shapes and sizes. The tallest spider is the Darwin's back. It can create webs that stretch 80 feet across rivers.

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The arrowhead spider is black with a yellow greenish triangle on its back. These spiders are orb weavers that come out in the late summer months.

A type of orb weaver is red in color with yellow triangle as to the certain species of orb weaver I'm not sure

It takes a bit more information to properly identify a spider than what is provided. Note that the black widow is notfuzzy (covered with hairs).

The likely words are:triangular - in a triangle shapetarantula - any of several large spider species

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A spider is an 8 legged insect thing that is called an arachnid. they usually make webs and come in different shapes and sizes

A black widow spider has eight eyes. The eyes are located in the front of the head and are arranged in two rows. Black widow spiders are very protective of their egg sacs but rarely bite humans.

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