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Spider is light brown with gold or yellow diamond back

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The spider is the brown spider that have reflective green spots on its back.

The brown recluse spider is the kind of spider that has a brown oval mark on its back. This spider's bite is extremely deadly to animals and humans.

There are several brown spiders with diamonds of various colors on their back. The best way to determine what type of spider it may be is to have a picture or a very descriptive image to determine if the spider is a Brown Widow are some other type when providing the information to an expert.

An Arrowhead spider is brown with a green back. This spider is also known as a Triangle Orb Weaver. This spider is not venomous.

The spider that is black with a white crescent on its back is the Brown House Spider. This spider is often confused with the red-back spider.

The name of the spider is Phidippus Audux. It is a jumping spider.

what kind of spider is this and is it dangerous to people who are pregant

A brown recluse. If you happen to get bitten by one, call 911.

It is probably a house spider if it has light tan marks on it's back

It could be a wolf spider which has bites are are painful but not poisonous. There are many common house spiders that have these markings.

Brown Widow. It is not as bad as Black Widow, but it still isnt good.

a wolf spider. they hurt but are not deadly to humans

Not enough information to answer this question without knwing location of spider and season.

The European Garden Spider (Cross Spiders), among others, has dots on its back arranged in a cross shape.

It is not a brown recluse. I had a spider on my front porch and i researched it and it is a type of wolf spider. But just in case... just leave it alone. If it is in fact a brown recluse or another poisonous spider it can have a nasty bite! Good luck!