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Look up a Brown Widow spider. that might be what you are looking for.

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what spider is black with a white hourglass on its back

The Zebra spider, Salticus scenicus, is known as such because of its black and white striped body. It is a common jumping spider.

the notorious deadly black widow spider.

Black Widows are generally known to have a red shape on their abdomens that resemble a hourglass figure. Also, they have a "shiny" look on them.

A black spider with a red hourglass on it is called the black widow. This is a very dangerous species. If you find one, do not touch it.

Good question. I'm not sure if there is any striped spiders that exists. If you know that a striped spider exists, you're very smart and know your spiders.

its a black spider and a red hourglass under its abdomen

Shiny black? With a thick looking X (hourglass shape) on it's belly? A black widow!!!

What kind of spider has a round orange body and white and black striped legs

Sounds like a cat-face spider or Araneus gemmoides. Try looking that up to find pitures of them and see how it compares to the one you found.

It can be hard to tell what kind of a spider you are looking at that has a red head and back and black and white striped legs, since the body type is also an important factor. Chances are that it is a red-headed jumping spider, which can cause a somewhat painful bite but is not otherwise dangerous to humans.

A large, black spider with a red hourglass on it's back.

A black widow. This spider is only a black widow if the entire spider is black, with a round-ball looking back-body, female variety if there is a red hourglass shape marking on the underside of the spider. From the top black widows are completely black.

I was looking very conspicuous with my mismatched clothes and purple hair. A black widow spider has a conspicuous red hourglass shape on its abdomen.

We just found one just like what you described in our backyard. After looking on line, it sounds like a Barn Spider. Do a search and see what you think