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that kind of spider thats what


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A spider that has a yellow body and red spikes is called a Spinybacked Orbweaver spider. These spiders are commonly found in the state of Florida.

# i don,t know i just fond a red spider with a black butt and black tips on feet and black fangs let me know if you find out

the ladybird willow venom spider. careful it's venom is poisonous

I think its a Red Back spider cause i have seen one

It's probably a goldenrod spider, which can change color from white to yellow and back. See

Identifying a spider can be hard without knowing where it was found and its overall body shape. A yellow spider with red dots is likely to be one of the common orb weavers, which are found in many places throughout the world.

A North American Johnson jumping spider

Banana Spider, I'm guessing. Google the Banana Spider to make sure it's the one you saw. Hope that helps.

A kite spider looks red and yellow

The Black Widow Spider has either a yellow, red, or orange hourglass, but sometimes can look like a dot. Links:

The spider in question is most likely a goldenrod spider. It is not actually clear, but can turn white or yellow depending on its environment. It has red dots on it's back and mainly lives in flower beds.

I just ran into this spider with a brownish-red head and legs, with a dark grey to black abdomen. Doing some research, i belive it to be a "Black House Spider." I could be wrong :)

what kind of bug is little black with a red butt and red on tips of legs?

red butt is very big to help it survive

it is called an orbweaver or crabshell spider. harmless,usually found in texas area for some reason and i see where they do have different colors such as black,yellow or red.

Its a wild African spider, called "YOUR MUM"

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