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What kind of sports do Italian's enjoy?


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tennis soccer Basketball cycling

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There is really no sport that only Italians play. They play a lot of the vewry populaar sports so..

Soccer is their main sport....

It is, if you enjoy playing sports.

Italians are known for their style and looking after their appearance. The kind of clothes that Italians wear include A-line and flared skirts, linen shirts, pants or shorts and linen jackets.

soccer i looke it up on ask.com

bowling, soccer, bocce ball

Roman Catholic AnswerThe normal kind.

Italians live in brick houses and other houses like us

J'apprécie des sports.

Italians love sports and are renowned for their love for sports. Many of the sports they play are football, rugby, cycle and auto racing. They even have Gondola (regatta) races every first Sunday of September. Italians also love music. From folk music to classical music has always played an important role in Italy. Opera (a type of classical) was started in Italy. Italians also use their food to entertaing guests, family and friends.

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I heard some Italian radio stations. And they play mostly pop and classic music. But I think that the Italians listen to every music genre. Your answer should be: What kind of music do Italians most listen to?

If you enjoy basketball then yes!! If you do not enjoy basketball then no it is not. If you do not enjoy sports then chances are you also wont enjoy basketball.

Pasta, green salad, meat and sauce, bread.

They don't. The Italians are very big Soccer fans.

Italians wear many types of clothing which may change depending on weather. Italians are usually up to date with fashion and wear clothing that is in style.

they enjoy playing soccer and differrent sports

I enjoy sports like MMA, baseball, soccer and football. Movies are Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter

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Many sports but none as much as cricket

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