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a story that reflects who you are, somthing that you will enjoy writing about and not get bored and through it away,

he wrote giggle poerty for kids

All kind of kids wrote Diarys even i write a diary. Anne Frank did along with many other kids.

A ghost story should have a plot that is based on whatever the ghost is involved in. It could be anything -- from a funny story like Casper the ghost all the way to a horror story like The Ring. Write your ghost story about whatever you want -- you're the author!

She is trying to write a "sensational news story" to win a contest.

Honestly, if you have no idea what to write about, you should not write this story! If you have a story you want to write, you will know what will happen. Try to choose a different kind of story that is really interesting to you, and you will be able to tell what should happen. Click on the Related Questions for more help!

jill tomlinson writes books for kids about animals

What kind of "write-up?" It could be if it becomes instrumental in a subsequent court case.

It depends on what kind of speech you want to write. You could write a speech to get people to read it, you could write a book report, you could write about why Harry Potter should be allowed in schools or why Harry Potter should be banned in schools.

kids should be kind to kids being builled because you would want kids to be kind to you if you were being builled

For parents only!Parents you have to go to the store it could be Target,Micheal's,Or any kind of store!They're are some at and they are really cute!It could be any kind of elf!Some kids want it to be the elf on the shelf and some don't want that kind!Parents you hide the elf and you write notes to give your kids hints!But the kids believe it!And the elf is suppose to watch your kid and tell Santa!But it is a good way to make your kids act good!And the elf is suppose to fly back to Santa after Christmas!I just put my kids in my Christmas tube and take it out when she is gone!And the night she leaves out crackers and water out!

No, this movie is not based on a true story. What kind of sickness could make people angry in 40 minutes?

What kind of story do you want it to be? Thrilling, moving, hilarious..? All you have to do to begin is think of an audience, theme, and a problem to put your characters in. Then once you've got a resolution and a loose storyline, it's time to write.

Jo tries to write a "sensational story" to win a contest in Lousi May Alcott's Little Women. To her amazement, Jo actually wins the prize!

Any kind that you can figure out how to write.

Everybody's family has problems -- write about some problems your own family has had, or something you've seen another family have. Don't depend on some anonymous person on the internet to think for you!

Write a poem titled "Summer." If you could make up a new kind of weather,what would it be?

"tool" is such a versatile word I could almost write a book on it. You need to refine your question.

Well, you could write the kind of monster and then some numbers that you like :)

what kind of books did Gary Soto write

If this is for your own enjoyment, you need to write whatever you want and come up with a title last after you've written it!If this is some kind of assignment, think of why a knight would be hungry and what would happen if he were hungry, and pretend you're telling the story to a friend and just write what you'd say.

Kids Computer Lab has the following kinds of activities for elementary school children: Research skills, computer skills, visual arts, activity links, digital story telling, cyber smart.

Toshiba's is the best for kids

jobs that could be for 9 years old kids could be to help around the house, at a yard sale you could sell lemonade or some kind of drink and cookies [best on a hot day]. You could paint pictures of other kids or your parents. If your parents own there own store then you could help there. That's what I do. You could also sing to your parents or other people and you could. You could also shovel the snow during winter.