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Q: What kind of supplement do you give to a diabetic who is lactose intolerant?
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Does cheese give you gas?

If you're lactose intolerant.

Do hamsters drink milk?

NO!!! They are lactose intolerant do not give them milk!!!

Do hedgehogs drink milk?

they are lactose intolerant , DO NOT GIVE THEM MILK!!

Does ice cream give you gas?

maybe if you're lactose intolerant....?

What happens if hamsters have milk?

It's not good for them, they are lactose intolerant and it will give them diarrhea.

Can you give your four month old kittens milk?

Cats are lactose intolerant. Do not give them milk.

Is cheese gassy?

For people who are lactose intolerant, cheese can give them (among other things) gas.

Can you give a baby bunny cow milk?

No they are lactose intolerant. If you give them cows milk they may get very sick and die.

What companies offer products to those who are lactose intolerant?

As more and more people are being diagnosed as lactose intolerant, more companies have to be transparent on whether or not products have lactose in their products. As this is the case, companies must be able to easily give listing of what ingredients are in food products.

Can you give dogs milk?

No. Adult dogs are normally lactose intolerant and cannot digest milk properly, so it can give them diarrhea.

Can you drink cat milk?

Cats are actually lactose intolerant, it means they are allergic to dairy. It will give them a stomach ache and diarrhea.

Is milk beneficial for cats?

No. Kittens need milk from their mother but after that milk is bad for most cats. A large percent of cats are lactose intolerant so cow milk will make them sick. However, the taste of milk is very appealing to cats so feel free to give it to a non lactose intolerant cat.

What is food a stray cat could eat?

Ham, chicken, any type of meat. DO NOT give it milk!Some cats are lactose intolerant. Give it water instead, its much better for them.

Is ice cream good for cats?

No, ice cream it not good for cats, it contains milk and milk has lactose which cats are intolerant too. It will give your cat the runs.

Are you allowed to give cats and dogs cheese?

Like humans some dogs ad cats are lactose intolerant and will become ill if fed dairy products (milk or cheese). If your cat or dog is lactose intolerant then they should not be fed dairy products, however otherwise cheese will not harm them but they may like it and begin to demand it.

Can you give your cat cows milk?

No, it's actually very poisonous to cats because they are lactose intolerant. Try your best not to feed your cat any cow's milk.

Can kittens drink milk?

Generally cats are actually lactose intolerant, so it is not good to give a cat cow's milk. They can drink their mother's milk or substitute cat milk.

Can you give Benadryl to a diabetic dog?

Can I give benadryl to a diabetic dog

What age do cats have to be to drink milk?

They have to be 1 or YOUNGER or else they get... well problems. because they cannot digest i properly. After kittens are eight to ten weeks old they should be weaned. You should not give them cow's milk. Many of them are lactose intolerant, and if you want to give them cow's milk you should just give them a little as a test, and then if they get diarrhea or vomit or the other things, you should stop. But some cats aren't lactose intolerant, and then a little milk as a treat is fine. You still shouldn't give them too much because they can still get a tummy ache. If they love milk and they cannot tolerate it, give them lactose free milk or soy milk.

How old do kittens have to be before they can have cow's milk?

Under NO circumstances give any cat cow's milk, the high lactose level will make them sick. Kittens can tolerate some lactose in milk but all adult cats are completely lactose intolerant!If you want to offer your cat milk, used only milk formulated specifically for cats (i.e. lactose free with taurine added).

Is it okay to give ferrets milk?

Ferrets are lactose intolerant and cannot digest any dairy products. Dairy products such as milk can cause loose stools or diarrhea in ferrets. Advise from another contributor: we have five ferrets and have done quite a bit of research over the years, and i read on a few occasions that ferrets are lactose intolerant and therefore it is not good to give them milk as it can give them diarrhea. we also learned this as we gave one a small amount of milk and he had diarrhea. poor little thing.

Give result lactose test for bacteria citrobacter diversus?

lactose fermenter

Can yorkie terriers drink milk?

They can but strongly advise you to not feed it any dairy products because they are lactose intolerant! It will give your dog severe vomiting and stomach issues, and can potentially kill your cute little yorkie

What happens if a cat drinks Kahlua?

Contrary to popular belief cats are in fact lactose-intolerant. You should never give a cat whole milk it can make them sick. Kahlua shouldn't be given to a cat it can make them sick.

Why do you get upset stomach when you drink silk milk substitute?

Although Silk soy milk does not contain lactose, it does contain sucrose, to give it a sweet, delicious flavor. But many people are sensitive to sugar and can develop excess stomach acidity if they consume it. This is entirely different from the reaction to lactose that a lactose intolerant person has. Some people can't digest lactose. They can digest sucrose, but they may still experience excess stomach acidity, also known as heartburn.