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Sponges have radial symmetry.

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What kind of body symmetry do sponges have?

Sponges show no symmetry: they are asymmetrical.

What kind of symmetry do sponges exhibit?

Adult sponges show asymmetry.

Is a sponge a radial symmetry or bilateral symmetry?

Sponges really don't have any kind of symmetry.

What kind of symmetry does a finger sponge have?

Finger sponges do not have any type of symmetry. Finger sponges can grow fingers where ever they have space so they are asymmetrical.

What symmetry does a sponges have?

sponges have asymmetry. that means they have no line of symmetry

Do sponges have symmetry?

Sponges have asymmetry.

What type of symmetry do phylum porifera sponges have?

Phylum Porifera sponges have radial symmetry.

What is the symmetry of a sponge?

Sponges are asymmetrical.

What animals have asymmetrical symmetry?


Does a sponge have bilateral symmetry radial symmetry or is it asymmetrical?

Sponges are asymmetrical.

What is a sponge's symmetry like?

Sponges mostly have no symmetry, but it is possible to have a sponge that exhibits radial symmetry. They never have bilateral symmetry.

What type of symmetry do sponges exhibit How does this differ from organisms belonging to phylum Cnidaria Arthropoda?

Sponges are asymmetrical. Organisms in Cnidaria have radial symmetry while organisms in Arthropoda exhibit bilateral symmetry.

Does a redbeard sponge have radial symmetry?

sponges have no symmetry animals with radial symmetry are radiata and cnidaria, like jellyfish

What type of animal does not have a type of body symmetry?

Phylum Porifera, the sponges, have no body symmetry.

How do sponges differ from other animals?

Sponges lack a true body cavity.Sponges exhibit radial symmetry.Sponges lack true tissues.Sponges are autotrophs.Sponges have a true coelom.-@leilooni

What type of symmetry are sponges?

an asymmetrical body plan

What is the symmetry of the redbeard sponge?

All sponges are assymmetrical.

What type of symmetry does a sponge have?

Sponges are asymmetrical, although a few species have nearly radial symmetry.

Organisms that lack symmetry are termed?

Asymmetrical are organisms, such as sponges, that have no true symmetry.

What body symmetry do sponges possess?

Sponges are considered to be asymmetrical. Their body is not organised in any particular pattern.

Do all jellyfish and all sponges exhibit radial symmetry demonstrating hoe closely related they are?

No, all jellyfish and sponges do not exhibit radial symmetry demonstrating how closely related they are.

Does demospongiae have any type of symmetry?

Most sponges of the Demospongiae type are considered asymetrical. (Not having symmetry.)

What organisms has radial symmetry?

Sea StarsJellyfishSponges

What is the only animal phylum that does not have tissues and symmetry?

Porifera, the sponges.

Is a red beard sponge radial or bilateral?

Sponges are asymmetrical. They have no symmetry.