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They have like scientific memories I want s. E. S

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Why does Canada buy technology?

Canada buy technology for the development of their country. They are rich also and they can afford to buy technology.

What kind of industries does Canada have?

In Canada, oil and logging are two very significant industries in country. Other important industries include agriculture, manufacturing, and technology.

When was Sustainable Development Technology Canada created?

Sustainable Development Technology Canada was created in 2001.

What kind of products does Aastra Canada sell?

Aastra Canada sell communications and technology products. They make telephones of the office and home, video conferencing products and communications platforms.

What technology was invented in Canada?


How is Canada developed in technology?

Canada is developed in technology because we can make phone calls to other countries! and we have alot more technology like iPod touches then other countries.

3 kind of technology in science?

nanotechnology computer technology medical technology

What Canada is known for?

Canada is known for forestry, mining, wheat production and technology.

What is the Technology in Thailand?

somewhat the same as Canada.

What kind of technology is a compact disk player?

obsolete technology

3 examples of each kind of technology?

Mechanical typesInstructional technology Medical technology

What is the difference type of technology?

The kind of difference in technology, in my opinion, is the goal behind the invention of this technology.

How much technology does Canada use?

1 cent

Do Canada have better technology than the US?

about the same

What technology does US use?

The same as Canada. No Difference

What kind of technology does America use?

They use technology to make biofuel.

How did technology change in Canada from 1900 to 1915?

The telegraph really effected Canada in many ways.

What kind of technology does people in Brazil use?

People in Brazil use the same technology as we do. It might be more expensive there but they have the same stuff. EDIT: Technology available to Brazilians is (for the most part) the same as what is available to people living in countries such as the US, Canada, Europe, and other western countries. Usually the costs of technology in Brazil are higher than other countries, as well with a lower average income than countries like the US, Canada, and parts of Europe, it is harder for the "average" consumer to afford electronics and technology in Brazil.

Where can I find technology grants?

Since the Best in Class Fund program started in 2008, Best Buy has donated $750000 in technology grants to various schools in Canada. Best Buy has a small in-kind, store-based grant program where an individual store will donate technology to a school or NPO.

What kind of electrical outlets do they have in Canada?

We have exactly the same kind of electrical outlets in Canada that you have in the US.

What kind of society is Canada?

Canada is a democratic society.

What kind of military technology was used in world war 1?

weapon technology

What kind of technology does Madagascar have?


What does Canada import from Korea?

Fruits andtelevisionand like,technology

How is china connected to Canada?

Transportation, Population, Economy, Technology

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