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What kind of telephone line do you need for DSL?

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Any standard phone line will do. My daughter lives in a house with 50-year old wiring, and her DSL works fine. What is really important is how close you are to a call center. That is a cenral routing station, owned and operated by the phone company. If you live further than 1/2 mile, the service degrades proportionally. One good way to find out if you are close to one is to go to say, SBC, (or your phone provider) and apply for DSL service. Before you commit, they will analyze your phone number and tell you if you qualify.

2006-08-03 15:11:54
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Do you need a phone line for wireless internet?

You do not need a telephone line with wireless Internet. You will need to have DSL or cable and a wireless router.

What telephone wiring will need to be purchased in order to install DSL in a person's home?

If one already has a telephone service, they will not need any additional phone lines installed in their home. DSL connections use the same type of cables as telephones do, so they can share the same line. A home without telephone service will need to have a standalone DSL line installed which is identical to a phone line.

Does a DSL connection need to go through my telephone company?

Does a DSL connection need to go through my telephone company?

What can dsl transit over telephone line?


What is a naked DSL?

Naked DSL is a digital subscriber line that does not include analogue telephone service. The line does not have a dial tone for land line calling. The Naked DSL is a considered a standalone line or service.

We want to get rid of our land line and go wireless only. We have DSL for our internet connection. What do we need to do to keep DSL and go wireless?

You can have a DSL line without a telephone number. You can then use an inexpensive voice over IP service like Skype.

Do you need a phone line for dsl?

Yes, DSL works with your phone line.

When using DSL to connect to the Internet the data transmission shares the cabling with what other technology?

A DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) is a telephone line that carries digital data from end to end, and can be leased from the telephone company for individual use. Telephone technology. Broadband refers to a networking technology that carries more than one type of signal such as DSL and telephone.

What are two characteristics of DSL technology?

fast download direct to telephone line

What is A telephone line that carries digital data from end to end and can be leased from the telephone company f?

DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) A telephone line that carries digital data fromend to end, and can be leased from the telephone company

You have windstream land line and dsl can you drop the land line to switch to vonage and keep the dsl with windstream?

Yes you will need the dsl for vonage

To get dsl does it need to be from their telephone provider?

Your telephone provider can usually get you DSL service however it is not necessary. You can choose from any provider that offers service in your area. DSL no longer requires telephone services, some providers may still require it though.

What is the DSL port called?

DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line. Which basically means a telephone line, that has a signal superimosed on it, by a service provider, to enable a broadband internet connection.

Do I have to have land line telephone service to get wi fi in my home?

No you don't have to have a landline to get wifi. You can get dsl service from many carriers without a telephone line. Once the dsl is installed, some modems are automatically wifi such as the ones used by AT&T.

What is DSLAM?

Digital Service Line Access Multiplexer.It's the box in the exchange that connects between the telephone system and your Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), usually Asynchronous DSL (ADSL).

Can you have dsl without a land line?

DSL comes into the house on a telephone line. One option, if it is available in your area, is a cable modem. The speed is actually higher than DSL for a comparable price from your cable provider. Some areas also have wireless access, requiring neither telephone or cable TV access.

Why does DSL work when there is no dial tone on telephone line?

They are separate systems in your phone line. The DSL is a digital signal that has nothing to do with the analog phone signal. The bandwidth of a phone line is large enough to handle both with no issues.

What is DSL internet service?

DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line, and is a new method of connecting to the internet using your standard telephone line. I use DSL and like it a lot. It's faster than dial-up and cheaper than broadband.

What is broadband DSL?

DSL(Digital Subscriber Line) is a broadband Internet connection that uses the wires of a telephone network to deliver a high-speed Internet signal.

How can a telephone line be used when a DSL connection is active?

if you cant use your line while the Internet is on contact your ISP there is something wrong

How to you install dsl in my home?

You need a DSL line and a DSL modem for a home connection. Contact your local phone company or ISP for a connection.

Is high speed satellite internet the same as DSL?

No, because the DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) is a technology of access to broadband internet through to connected copper cables that it takes the conventional telephone line, the disadvantage of this technology is that the line since the home or office until the Central telephone office not surpass 5.5 km.

Do I need telephone service to have the internet connected?

Home telephone, land-line service is not required in order to have internet access today. Freestanding DSL technology makes it possible to get fast internet connection without a phone. EarthLink is one provider of this type of service. This is a yes and no answer. If you want DSL then most phone companies would require you to have a basic line installed. If you want cable internet through your cable TV company then no you do not need to have a home phone line.

Do you need a dsl line with a wireless router?

If it is just a plain router, not a modem with a router, you would not need a DSL line, specifically. You would need to have an Internet connection. The router just takes an Internet connection and splits it, and converts wired Internet to WiFi. It does not provide the Internet. So if you don't have DSL, then you'd need cable Internet, fiber optic Internet, or satellite Internet.Now, if what you are calling a wireless router also combines a DSL modem, then you would need a DSL line.

Does anyone know where I can find DSL modem wireless router for a decent price?

A digital subscriber line (DSL) modem is a device used to connect a computer or router to a telephone circuit that has digital subscriber line service configured.