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Use only genuine Honda DW-1 automatic Transmission Fluid and nothing else.

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where do you add the transmission fluid in a 1996 Honda accord 4 cylinderAnswerwhere do you add the transmission fluid in a 1996 Honda accord 4 cylinder

The 1996 Honda Accord transmission has a fluid capacity of 5.3 quarts. You can check the transmission fluid level with the transmission fluid dipstick.

Does the 1996 Honda Accord have power bands in the automatic transmission?

The speed sensor on a 1996 Honda Accord is found on top go the transmission. The sensor will have a two prong wire clipped into it.

The 1993 Honda Accord used a F-series engine. The transmission will easily and safely bolt into the 1996 model as it uses the same type of engine.

The 1996 Honda Accord engine is fuel injected and has no carburetor.

Way down low in front. Below the battery.

the a/c relay location in a 1996 Honda accord

Where is the heater blower fan located 1996 honda accord?

Use only genuine Honda manual transmission fluid. It is Honda OEM part number 08798-9031. Before 1996 it is acceptable to use 10W-30 motor oil, however, I would use the new specially formulated fluid which has additives to extend the life of your transmission. It will be money well spent.

DOT 3. Listed on the top of the master cylinder cap.

The recommended transmission fluid for a 1996 Civic is Dexron II or IID transmission fluid. Do not use Mercon fluid as it has a different formulation and may cause harm to the transmission.

In the same area where you check the level - where the dipstick goes!! get a funnel and pour away.

Someone can purchase a 1996 Honda Accord from a number of websites and companies such as: autotrader, Honda dealerships, eBay, craigslist, and kijiji.

The 1996 Honda Accord OBD 2 port is inside storage behind ashtray

NGK Iridium spark plugs are fine for your 1996 Honda Accord.

Open your browser and type "1996 Honda Accord Photos" in the search field. You will see many photos of it.

You can get a diagram?æ of a clutch?æ for the 1996 Honda Accord from the Owners Manual. If you no longer have an owners manual you can contact Honda and they will send you one.