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dexron 3

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Q: What kind of transmission fluid does a 1999 Toyota Avalon use?
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How much transmission fluid will a 1999 Toyota 4Runner take?


How many quarts of transmission fluid does a 1999 Toyota solara take?

It comes in handy knowing the amount of transmission fluid a car will hold. The 1999 Toyota Solara will need 5 quarts of Dexron III fluid.

Where is OBD II location on Toyota Avalon 1999?

The 1999 Toyota Avalon OBD 2 port is behind fuse cover

What type transmission fluid for 1999 Toyota Tacoma Prerunner automatic transmission 2.7L?

Dextron III

Where do you add transmission fluid on a 1999 Toyota Camry le?

A 1999 Toyota Camry LE will have a inlet for the transmission fluid located next to the transmission housing. Before adding fluid to the system it is important to drain the older fluid. Be sure to add the correct amount and avoid over filling the system.

How do you replace the heater fan on a 1999 Toyota Avalon?

oil barring on 1998 Toyota Avalon blower motor?

What kind of power steering fluid does a 1999 Toyota Corolla use?

Automatic Transmission fluid Dextron II or III

How many quarts of transmission fluid for a 1999 Lexus GS300?

A 1999 Lexus GS300 requires 2.0 quarts of automatic transmission fluid. Factory recommendation is Toyota T-IV ATF.

Where is the radio fuse on a 1999 Toyota Avalon?

The 1999 Toyota Avalon radio has two fuses. There is an in-line fuse behind the radio. There is a radio fuse in the fuse box.

How do you remove the dome light cover on a 1999 Toyota Avalon?


What size is a 1999 Toyota Avalon lug nut?


How many spark plugs on a 1999 Toyota Avalon?


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