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AnswerDEXTRON III is what is needed for a 1972 Camaro.
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Can you use amsoil racing automatic transmission fluid in a turbo 400 transmission?

yea u can,

What kind of power steering fluid is used for a 1984 300zx turbo?

Automatic Transmission fluid

What is the automatic transmission fluid capacity of a 2014 ram 3500 6.7 l turbo diesel?

Total transmission capacity is around 16 quarts.

What type of power steering fluid do you use on 1992 twin turbo 300zx?

Dexron III automatic transmission fluid. Should be the same for HICAS if equipped.

Where is the dipstick for automatic transmission on 2007 forester turbo?

The dipstick for an automatic transmission on a 2007 Forester turbo is in the engine compartment. It is on the front passenger side of the compartment.

What type of transmission fluid 1998 dodge ram 2500 4x4 cummins turbo diesel?

The automatic uses ATF+4

How many quarts of automatic transmission fluid does a turbo 400 hold with an empty torque converter?

Aprox 12-13 qts.

Is a 350 turbo transmission an automatic or standard?


How much transmission fluid in a 2005 Subaru outback 2.5 L automatic transmission?

10.0 us qt (9.5 liter) for non-turbo; 10.4 us qt (9.8 liter) for turbo as per "Capacities" in the "OWNER'S MANUAL".....

What kind of automatic transmission is in a 1984 impala?

Turbo 350?

What transmission will fit a 1977 camaro 350 engine?

I have a 350 turbo in mine Just about any transmission will work! Powerglide, Turbo 350 (lockup or non) or Turbo 400, even 700r4.

Where do you put the transmission fluid in a 2002 Volkswagen Passet 1.8 Turbo?

in the transmission fluid reservoir under the hood

What is the transmission fluid capacity for a GM turbo 200 r4 transmission?

The transmission fluid capacity for a GM turbo 200 R4 transmission is 6 quarts. It should be drained and refilled at least once every two years.

What automatic transmission was used in the 1987 elcamino?

turbo 350 or 2004r

What would win an automatic 1986 iroc Camaro 305 stock or a plymoth lazer 1991 stock turbo?

Probally the Camaro. But who knows..... put them on the track and find out! I won with the camaro

Does a turbo work on a automatic transmission?

The type of induction an engine uses is not directly relevant to its transmission type. In other words the engine can be naturally aspirated, turbo or supercharged and use an automatic, manual, cvt etc.

What kind of automatic transmission is in a 1993 chevY 6.5 turbo diesel 4x4?

That should be a 4L80E transmission.

Where do you add transmission fluid to an 1988 dodge shadow turbo?

On an automatic, the dipstick is on the left side near the battery. The fluid level should be checked at idle in park. If a manual the fill plug is about half way up the right side of the transmission case.

What Automatic transmission for 1993 Chevy 2500 6.5l diesel turbo?


What kind of transmission fluid is usedin a 1969 Chevrolet Turbo 350 transmission?

Dexron 3

How many quarts of transmission fluid does a 350 turbo transmission take?

6-6 quarts

What type of transmission is in a 85 chevy c10 shortbed truck?

If it is an automatic transmission then it will be the 350 turbo that was put in it from the factory.

What type transmission fluid do you put in a 1978 Chevy turbo 400?

Dexron II or any other transmission fluid for GM vehicles.

What automatic transmission is used in the 1986 Chevy truck with 454?

That should be the 400 turbo.

What transmission would be in a 1978 trans am with an L78 400 motor?

350 turbo automatic