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Asthma has many kinds of treatments, like the nebulizers (if that's how its spelt) at hospitals. However to treat asthma at home inhalers are used. there are many kinds of inhalers and the GP or nurse will supply the sufferer the best care possible. in order to do so it may mean taking a certain inhaler upto 4 times a day, it may mean only taking a certain inhaler whenever needed. Another help for people with asthma is steriods and antibiotics.However many treatments there are there is no cure for asthma just ways to relieve the lungs.

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Q: What kind of treatment is there for asthma?
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Asthma Treatment Center?

form_title=Find an Asthma Treatment Center form_header=These centers can address a variety of issues regarding the treatment of asthma. When was the last time you had asthma treatment?=_ Does other family members suffer from asthma?= () Yes () No Do you have medical insurance?= () Yes () No

What is the treatment of asthma disorder?

it depends on the reason for the the asthma

Where can one find information on Asthma treatment?

One can find information on asthma treatment from local doctors or from books. There are many books on asthma that gives information for treatment. Doctors can also give useful and reliable information on asthma treatment.

What is the treatment for Asthma?

the inhaler.

Is there a treatment for chihuahuas with asthma?

No! Asthma can't be treated in general!

Is there a treatment to asthma?

go to the hospital or use a nebulizer or a asthma inhaler

How do you get rid of asthma if you can?

It is not possible to get rid of asthma but you can manage it by ongoing treatment.

What is the medical treatment for asthma?

the inhaler.

What is an Albuterol inhaler for?

Albuterol is used for the treatment of asthma and asthma like conditions.

Which leaves is used in treatment of asthma?

which leaves are helpful in the treatment of asthme

Prevention for asthma?

Asthma can be treated by asthma puffers, ventolin or medication. Goin to your doctor or the hospital can help by them diagnosing you with asthma and giving you treatment

Does asthma treatment for children weaken or cure their asthma years down the road?

It depends what type of asthma treatment you are talking about. You should consult with your doctor / child's pediatrician about any risks and/or benefits prior to starting any treatment.

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