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I have seen, box turtles, red-eared sliders, some kind of map turtle, a snapper and a very large cooter............

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What do Arkansas turtles eat?

what does a water turtle eat here in arkansas

Where are bears found in Arkansas?

Bears are found in the Ozarks of Arkansas and the backwoods.

What kind of color are turtles?

Turtles are green.

Are turtles kind?

different turtles react differently

What kind of turtles eat apples?

human turtles

What kind of food is salmonella found in?

Salmonella is found in eggs, contaminated water, undercooked poultry, unpasteurized milk, birds and turtles who carry it.

Where can quartz be found in Arkansas?

South East Arkansas

Where are mountain lions found in Arkansas?

Mountain lions are not found in Arkansas. They are found near vast mountain ranges.

What kind of turtles live in salt water?

Snapping turtles

What kind of turtles eat frogs?

frog eating turtles

What South American islands are giant turtles found?

Giant turtles can be found on the Galapagos Islands.

Are the diamonds in Arkansas real?

Real diamonds can be found in Arkansas.

Where do raccoons live in Arkansas?

Raccoons can be found everywhere in Arkansas.

What gems are found in Arkansas?

You can hand-mine diamonds in Arkansas.

What is the most unique ecosystem found in Arkansas?

The most unique ecosystem found in Arkansas is the Freshwater Ecosystem.

Are ornate box turtles considered aquatic turtles?

No ornate box turtles are not aquatic turtles. They are usually found in grasslands

What kind of a black spider has a yellow triangle on its back the body of it is about the size of a dime it was found in Arkansas?

It is probably the arrowhead spider.

What kind of turtles can you buy in Calgary?

the kind that is alive

Where can pictures of sea turtles be found?

Pictures of sea turtles can be found at the related link, and associated links, below.

Where found turtle?

turtles are mostly found in oceans

What kind of turtles live in new york?

teenage mutant ninja turtles

What kind of plants do box turtles eat?

box turtles eat dandelions

What is found by the Arkansas river is not the capital of Kansas but is the largest city found in states?

Wichita, Kansas is located on the Arkansas River.

What are the two types of rivers found in Arkansas?

Mississippi river and Arkansas river

What kind of trees grow in Arkansas County Arkansas?

The types of trees that grow in Arkansas are the Pine Oak And Maple :D