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The 6 officers & 215 enlisted men of an Eng. Lgt. Pontoon Co. were organized & trained to maintain its stream crossing equipment. The unit also constructed floating bridges, guarded & maintained those bridges, & regulated the traffic thereon. When the bridges were no longer of use, the unit would then dismantle the bridges & move to the next fording site. For information about the 537th itself, please contact me directly. Richard V. Horrell WW 2

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My Father Served in the Army 537 Engr LP Co.
Unable to find much history on his unit. The unit had to be out front on the battlefield building Pontoon Bridges for Tanks and Infantry to cross.

My father MOS was Seamon 065. He would take troops across to river to take the other side from the Germans useing a Pontoon Boat or "Duck". He served in 3rd Army and possibly 95th Infantry Division. He served in Northern France, Rhineland, Ardennes, & Central Europe.

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Q: What kind of unit was the 537th engr light pontoon company?
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