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Clear, odourless discharge and sometimes a creamy type of dishcharge and lots of it is normal during pregnancy. If you have a smelly or particular coloured discharge it maybe the sign of an infection and worth mentioning to your Doctor.

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Q: What kind of vaginal discharge is most common if you are pregnant?
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Can you eat vaginal discharge?

Why would you want to eat vaginal discharge. What if it is some kind of infection?

Do you still produce discharge when you are pregnant?

It depends what kind of discharge you're on about love!

What kind of fluid is discharged if you are pregnant?

Clear Vaginal Mucus

Can a pregnant woman get rid of discharge?

Any kind of discharge is unhealthy. See a doctor.

Should you tell your mom when you start to have vaginal discharge?

You should tell your mother because sometimes a vaginal discharge can lead to some kind of infection if it was a different color than yellow or if it has odor. -BillionQuestions13-

What kind of std do you have if there are flesh color bumps on your vagina and anus and alot of vaginal discharge?

a pretty bad one

To become pregnant what type of sex the couples can do?

Any kind of penetrating vaginal sex will do.

What are signs of vaginal infection?

depends on what kind a yeast infection which is the most common may have- itching or burning strong smell alot of discharge there are other things too look it upon google! :)

What are the symptoms of vaginal infections?

Itching, red sensitive skin, smelly discharge, fever, pain. It depends on what kind of infection it is.

What are the symptoms of vaginal infection?

Itching, red sensitive skin, smelly discharge, fever, pain. It depends on what kind of infection it is.

Can a simple blood test answer what kind of vaginal discharge is going on with your cat?

Get that poor kitty to a vet and dont worry about wiki answers.

Im having yellow discharge and im not pregnant?

Contact your doctor. It could be an infection of some kind.

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Is a white clear slimy discharge normal during pregnancy?

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