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Short :)

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Q: What kind of vowel sound is indicated by the five unmarked vowel letters?
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How is a long vowel sound indicated?

A long vowel sound is indicated by a bar across the top, called a macron.(because of varying definitions of the long U, normally the OO and YOO are used instead)

What is the name of the vowel sound in unstressed syllables in English?

It is called a "schwa" sound and is the ah/uh/eh/ih sound of an unstressed vowel. It is indicated as the pronunciation symbol ə .

What are the signs for long and short vowels?

A long vowel sound, which uses the English name of the letters (A, E, I, O, and U ) is indicated by a flat bar over the vowel, while a short sound is indicated by a curved line, like a shallow U. There are many other, more complex markings, and another set entirely for international (IPA) pronunciation.Examples :ō = robeŏ = rob

Is the vowel sound short or long for dge?

The letters DGE following a vowel will normally create a short vowel sound. Examples: badge edge ledge ridge lodge fudge sludge

Does am have a short or long vowel sound?

The verb am has a short A vowel sound. (The long A is heard in the word aim.)*The initialism AM is pronounced like the two letters, A M.

Does glass have short a sound?

Long vowels sound like the letters of the vowels in the alphabet. Glass has a short a sound, if it had a long vowel sound it would sound like glacier. Hear the difference between the short vowel sound of glass and the long vowel sound of Glacier?Short vowel sounds are shorter than long vowel sounds. The sound is more sharp and cut off. "A" is a shorter sound than an "ay" sound.

Does the word house have long u sound?

No. It has the OW sound, which is not considered a long vowel and is indicated by /ou/. This is the sound in fowl (ow) and foul (ou).

What sound spells 3 letters?

The OY vowel sound sounds like the long vowels O-I-E.

Can only consonant vowel consonant vowel make a long vowel sound?

No. In many cases there are other silent letters, or vowel pairs. For example, the long I in sigh, high, and sign.

What is the longest word that only has a short vowel sound?

The word strengths has only 1 short vowel. (9 letters) The word strengthlessness has 3 short vowels (17 letters)

What vowel sound does can have?

The vowel sound in the word "can" is a short A. That is also the vowel sound in the word "has".

What is the vowel sound in dolphin?

The O is long vowel sound and I is a short vowel sound

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