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Tropical waters anywhere from as far north as the coast of Maine to as far south as the coast of Peru. They tend to flow with the seasons traveling North in the Atlantic during the summer and south during the winter. They prefer to be in warmer water.

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What kind of animal is 'hammerhead'?

Type your answer here... It is one type of shark.....

On Animal Crossing City Folk what kind of sharks are there?

a shark and a hammerhead shark

What kind of shark is Anchor in the movie finding nemo?

anchor a is hammerhead shark

What is a kind of shark?

A dogfish, hammerhead and great white are kind of sharks

What kind of sharks live in the tropical waters?

hammerhead sharks live in tropical waters

What kind of shark can survive in freezing waters and is the northern most shark?

Greenland Shark

What eats a hammerhead shark?

There are no main predators for adult Hammerhead Sharks though they have been known to feed on their own kind.

What kind of sharks are in deep blue sea?

The Blue Shark, the Great White, the Lemon Shark, the Hammerhead, the Nurse Shark, and a variety of others.

What kind of shark eats a stingray?

Hammerhead sharks mostly but tiger sharks will too.

What does a hammer head shark look like?

With a body much like any kind of shark, the hammerhead derives its name from a flat, oblong head with eyes on either end of it.

How big is a hammer head shark?

The hammerhead shark is one of the highly interesting shark species because of the unique shape and structure of its head. The hammer-shaped part of the head is scientifically referred to as cephalofoil. This particular part of its body is used for prey manipulation, maneuvering and sensory reception. This particular kind of shark lives in continental shelves and along coastlines where the waters are warmer. Aside from these interesting facts, it is also nice to learn the size of hammerhead sharks.arks%22>The_Size_ofHammerhead_Sharks">Hammerhead_Sharks">The Size ofHammerhead SharksHow big is a hammerhead shark? There are actually nine different species of hammerhead sharks, all of which grow within the range of 3 to 20 feet or 0.9 to 6 meters long. All of their heads resemble a flattened hammer, which set them apart from other shark species. Their uniquely shaped heads allow them to turn sharply while maintaining stability. Likewise, the shape of their heads aids them maneuver and find food.

What depth do hammerhead sharks live in?

I think surface to 70 feet. But I'm not sure. You could ask a shark expert about that kind of question.

What kind of fish does a hammerhead shark like to eat?

Hammerhead Sharks are carnivorous predators. Their diet includes fish, squid, Octopus, Crustaceans and Sting Rays. Sting Rays are one of the hammerheads favorite prey species. Large Hammerhead species esp. the "Great Hammerhead" is known to feed on other hammerhead species as well. Hammerheads are also cannibalistic, they eat their own young ones.

What kind of fish do hammerhead sharks eat?

hammerhead sharks eat small fish. There is no certain type they eat they just eat what they can find. Their favorite food is stinrays

What kind of fish can you find in southern Ocean?

a shark

What kind of fish is a hammerhead?

Tarpon fish

Can i eat hammerhead sharks?

yes, but there very hard to find. i mean like, they sell shark fin soup and hammerheads are a type of fin soup of different sharks. but the cost might be around $100- $1000 just on the kind of shark it is. and it is amazingly good. wel, i have not eaten it buts its been heard. sooo yeah, expensive right? haha, :)

What kind of enemies does the hammerhead shark have?

Large sharks such as the great white often prey on hammerheads, especially when they're young. People sometimes kill hammerheads as well, both by hunting and pollution.

What kind of sharks live in the Bahamas?

Hammerhead sharks

What kind of shark was shark in jaws?

great white shark

What kind of water does starfish live in?

there are many kind of starfish! 20,000 in fact! so starfish live in many kind of waters: some in deep waters, tropical waters, and cold waters!

What kind of shark is the longest?

Whale Shark

What kind of animal is a goblin shark?

A shark

Is there sharks in Indonesia?

yes no matter where you go your likely to find some kind of shark.

Which kind of shark is the largest member of a shark family?

the whale shark