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For the fashion conscious, there is no excuse for wearing polyester, it is manmade, artificial and does tend to be flammable. As a scientific answer, polyester is versatile and can be woven thin enough for summer wear or thick enough for winter wear (though acrylic is the preferred artificial wool). However, wear at your own risk, I would recommend silk for summer and wool or cashmere for winter, keep the polyester for wrapping up your food products.

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What kind of clothes do the Philippines wear in hot weather?

The kind of clothes Philippines wear in hot weather is called kaka.

Is polyester fabric good to wear in hot weather?

Yes it is, It help you to prevent sweat quicker and faster. (; Easy.

What kind of weather do you wear a panama in?

If you are reffering to a panama hat, then most people wear panema's in the summer. Most people wear them in warm weather.

Is cotton hotter than polyester?

cotton is better to wear in the summer then polyester

In India you normally do not wear pure nylon or polyester clothes. Why?

in india we normally do not wear pure nylon or polyester clothes .why?

What kind of weather does the tundra have?

The tundra has cold weather that you can get hypothermia from if you don't wear the right clothing.

What kind of clothes does a mechanic wear?

polyester two piece. pants w/ button up shirt. polyester is battery acid resistant. or lightweight overalls. they also use disposable neoprene gloves.

Are polyester costumes a fire hazard for young children to wear?

Polyester is always a fire hazard for children to wear. Its best to purchase other material for children.

How does weather affect the daily activities of people?

Weather affects the clothes that we wear, the kind of sports played by humans, our events, and the kind of crops grown in the area.

What type of clothing should you wear in grasslands?


What are the advantages of polyester?

Its a cheap spreads if you do it and it will be a slim wear

What kind of clothe did the Miwok native americans wear?

The men Miwok Native Americans did not wear clothing during the warm weather. During cold weather they wore blankets around them.

What kind of clothes do people in Brazil wear?

probably summer clothes suitable for hot weather

What kind of cloth is tetoron cloth?

polyester fibers.

What kind of fabric is used in a snowsuit?

polyester & nylon

What is the best fabric to wear for sports?

either silk or polyester

What would be the best kind of maternity dress to wear in the cold weather ?

A heavy flannel dress would be what you want to wear to stay warm.

What would a good sleeping bag be made of to camp in cooler weather?

It appears that the bags are a polyester shell/polyester fill across the board. The difference in construction for cold weather sleeping seems to be an increase in the amount of insulation, or fill.

What kind of plant is polyester made out of?

is it made out of a tree i do not know

What kind of style do Italians wear?

Italians wear many types of clothing which may change depending on weather. Italians are usually up to date with fashion and wear clothing that is in style.

What kind of clothing did the miwok wear?

The kind of clothing that the Miwok men would wear was deerskin loincloth and the kids were wear nothing at all depending on the weather. The women would wear grass skirts or tule reeds as well as jewelry made of bone, shell, wood.

Is cotton better than polyester?

A cotton fabric is going to breathe better than polyester in the warm/hot weather. Same is true for the difference between the two for bedding - would much rather sleep on cotton sheets than polyester.

Why should wear ployster clothes in rainy season and not cotton clothes?

Polyester dries quicker than cotton, as the polyester fibres don't absorb as much water.

Why are school shirts made out of cotton and polyester?

because they are cool to wear and have a good drape

Does dog hair stick to polyester?

I am a dog groomer and generally try and wear polyester tops as the dog hair doesn't seem to stick to them as it does when I wear cotton etc. Any hair that is still there when I get up from my seat just brushes off.