What kind of white worm punctures dogs' skin?

Small White Worm on Dogs

The answer to the question about the worm is, a cuterebra its a fly larva called a bot fly that is embedded in small animals skin. They can be difficult to get out because sometimes they poke out and hide, and there is no known way to prevent it.

It is possible that the worm is a nematode, (from the round worm family) such as the pin worm or even hook worm. larva can be transferred in many ways such as direct contact with an infected child or stepping on infected soil.The larva then mature and usually makes it's way to the digestive tract. The dog may transfer the mature worm by licking or scratching itself in "senitive areas"and the worm continues it's life cycle in the tissue of the skin instead of the colon. These worms are adjusting their environment- possibly because of more frequent deworming by pet owners, dietary patterns of their domestic host or what have you. Anyway, they can burrow themselves completely or extend partialy at will. The best protection I think is to remember the old saying, "it's the terrain not the pathogen that is of most importance's." Which means focusing on your dogs over all health, (the terrain) and then more specifically on his/her skln and coat. At that point the dogs immune system is more likely to provide an adequate defense to whatever the little white thingy (pathogen), is.