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A nice Rose is the perfect choice with burgers and fries.

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Why is pizza a healthier fast food than a burger and fries?

well, pizza is not a fast if you are considering McDonalds. also pizza is healthier because burgers and fries have more salt and grease which creates fat. STOP EATING BURGERS AND FRIES!

What goes well with burgers?

Onions, ketchup, Mayo, relish, cheese

What type of food does America eat?

Well in America, they eat a lot of fried food like burgers and fries and lots a milk shakes.

Do they have good french fries in Tokyo?

You can find any sort of food in a metropolitan city like Tokyo and some of the best fries are at First Kitchen - mainly because of the excellent selection of dipping sauces! Now I want some fries from there! Mos Burger has some excellent burgers and fries as well and another couple of my favorites are Freshness Burger and Lotteria.

Where are Five Guys Burgers located?

There are many different locations for Five Guys Burgers and Fries. There are locations in Airdrie, Calgary and Red Deer, Alberta. There are restaurant locations in other cities as well. One can locate the nearest restaurant directly from their website.

What dessert goes well with Burgers and hot dogs?

Burgers and hot dogs are as American as apple pie. Most pies or home made cookies go well with a meal of burgers and hot dogs. Ice cream, either served with the baked goods or alone, is also a good ending to the meal.

What goes well with beef back ribs?

Beans, potato salad, slaw, green salad, macaroni and cheese, french fries and the list goes on.

What kind of restaurant is Culver?

Culver restaurant is well known for their Butter burgers and Frozen Custards. They are known for various variety of burgers and custards. Culvers have been around since 1984.

Is it possible that if a planet of humans eats junk food such as burgers and fries will the planet earth perish and fall to the sun?

well..... i dont think anyone stupid enough waste their time thinking about this.

How many calories are in 30 french fries?

Well, it all depends, there are different kind of french fries. But I will say there are 9 calories in a french fry so multiply that by 30 and you will get 270. But, french fries have a lot of calories because of the salt.

What does the restaurant Bacio in MN serve?

The restaurant Bacio in Minnesota serves Italian food. The menu lists many types of pasta entrees, as well as some traditional American food, such as burgers and fries.

Name something that goes well with a juicy steak?

bake potato steak sauce salad fries wine beer mushrooms

What goes well with lemon and lime?

Cake. Any kind(:

How do you eat fries?

Well, it is actually illegal to eat fries in 90% of the world's country.

How much salt is in french fries?

well actually it matters what french fries because some french fries have little and for example mcdonalds has alot of salt in there french fries

What do french people eat with their fries?

Well... french fries despite their name of "French" fries, are not actually eaten in france that much. I would say ketchup. And the French word for fries (yes they just call it fries) is frites. :D

What is the lyrics to daddy why did you eat my fries?

Daddy why did you eat my fries? I bought them, and they where mine, But you eat they, yeah you eat my fries. And i cried, but didn't see me cry. Dad-ee do you even love me? Well... i wish you'd show it, cause i wouldn't know it. What kind of daddy eats his daughters fries, and doesn't look her in the eyes. Daddy there where tears there, if you saw them would you even care? `

How come M'cDonald's has relish for their hamburgers?

well there are many McDonalds secrets but I'm assuming that McDonalds needs to have something good quality in their burgers. And it gives taste to the burgers as well.

How many calories in 18 french fries?

The number of calories in 18 French fries depends on the size, brand, and toppings of the fries. These French fries will have more calories if they are fried in grease as opposed to baked as well.

Are burgers good?

Well it depends if you like'em or not but in my case there delicious

What do small fry grow into?

well big fries.

Where did the term french fries come from?

Well, They were invented in France by the FRENCH and they were FRIED Potatoes. So they called FRENCH FRIES.

What is the difference between fast food burgers and home-cooked burgers?

well,fast food burgers you sometimes don't even know what they are putting in them,but with home cooked burgers you feel more safer knowing what you put and what you used on them,they are healthier and less fattening.

What wine goes well with beef burgers?

Most southern French red wines are fantastic with meaty beef burgers and are recommended.A nice Gigondas or Vacqueyras from the Southern Rhone area is a very good bet. Or a peppery Zinfandel, which compliments the meal very nicely.Languedoc, Spanish Navara or Greek rich red wines are also a great pairing for meaty beef burgers.

Did you always have waffle fries?

well my great,great great-grandfather was born in 1830 in France and he said that waffle fries were an expensive delecay then he moved to belgium and ate many waffle fries. he died in a place where they sold waffle fries

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