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I agree with the posters below. I have a BA in Psychology with several national honors, and it is very difficult to get a job in this field. In order to practice any sort of clinical or patient therapy, you must have a minimum of a MA or have the certifications required by your field. I'm going into Substance Abuse Counseling and all I need is a certificate to practice -- and a good foot in the door. But that's Washington state.. I don't know the policies of your location. The PsyD program is a wonderful idea, as you can work towards your MA and your Doctorates all in one foul swoop. I would recommend researching your field and establishing what you're going to need to be the most successful. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the bottom line is that you're going to need a minimum of M.A. Good Luck!

Well I'm doing my BA in psych right now. The short answer is that if you want a job related to the degree, not a hell of a lot. To work as a psychologist, you need a phD, as a social worker you need an MSW, but there are some office jobs that will hire anyone with a bachelor degree of any kind. Also, if you're in the US (I'm not), you can do a PsyD program and become a psychologist.

If you are interested in psychology, you can go for 2 years and become and RN (registered nurse) and go on to get your BA in psych. After that, you can do pretty much the same thing as someone with a masters or phD in psych. This way, you end up spending less time and money in school, and if the psych aspect doesn't work out for you, you can work as a nurse in pretty much any dept anywhere you want.

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Q: What kind of work can you do with just a BA in Psychology?
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What is BA Psychology?

I've never heard of "BA Psychology." You get a Bachelor's Degree IN Psychology, and Bachelor's Degree is abbreviated: BA... I have a BA in Psychology.

BA in Psychology - what career options does one have?

You could work for some social service agencies or work any job that asks for a college degree or BA degree. Just look on or

What kind of jobs can I get if I double major in Psychology and Biology I would have a BA in Psychology and a BSc in Biology. I was just wondering what jobs I could get with only the 4 years.?

I think the most you can get is be a lecturer in a university or if you get an MA in psychology you can be a professor.

What job can you get with a bachelors dergee in psychology?

There isn't much with a BA/BS in psychology you can do. You have to go on to grad work to become a psychologist.

What can you do with a ba in psychology?

Not much

What kind of BA degree do you need for forensic psychiatry?

youd want to go into either forensic psycology (if it exists at the school you want) or just regular psychology

What does psychology BA mean?

It appears to be a bachelor or arts degree (BA) with psychology as the major program of study.

What is the best school for BA psychology here in the Philippines?

for me, UST. just check out their website.

Which is better BS Psychology or BA Psychology?

depends what you want to do.

Can you do MBA after BA psychology?

Yes. Many MBA programs actively seek and accept graduates BA or BS of psychology.

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The college/university may require you to go back and take undergrad classes in psychology before grad work. Since you didn't do a BA/BS in psychology you wouldn't have some of the foundation classes required for grad work.

What is better and more widely accepted a BS or a BA in psychology?

You just pick either one . It does not matter!

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